Tollywood Stars Plastic Surgery

Tollywood Stars Plastic Surgery
0 October 8, 2015

Tollywood and Cosmetic Surgeries: The Saga of Renowned Celebrities

The glamour world and cosmetic surgeries are strongly inter-related, with numerous stars getting under the knife, to improve their visual appearance and aesthetical appeal. Tollywood is no less in this aspect, and many celebrities of this arena have knocked the doors of cosmetic surgeons to improve their looks.

Allu Arjun

The young actor and “Stylish Star” of Tollywood is well known for his ultra-posh looks and mannerism. But he had to undergo a lot of effort to earn these qualities. Cosmetic surgery is one of the traits, which had lend him with excellent looks. He got a nose job and lower jaw surgery, to correct the odds like nose shape and Prognathism (the lower jaw is a bit forward in this condition).

Ram Charan

Touted as “Mega Power Star”, Ram Charan is every bit suited for the title. His looks, action, dance and fights have earned him hardcore fans and excellent craze in the public, just like his father. But, he had this black mark in the form of Prognathism, similar to his cousin, Allu Arjun, and hence, he got the lower jaw surgery. The results are incredible, with his jaw set into the right position, and this has transformed the already good looking Ram Charan into a handsome hunk.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi

The second top actor in South India, and the Stalwart of Tollywood, Mega Star Chiranjeevi enjoys a demi god status in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States. He had this mass craze, which had attracted very high expectations of fans from decades, and surprisingly, he had excelled every time. But, he had to face several odds in his long career, like hair loss and weight gain, and he got hair transplantation and liposuction to restore the beauty factors, and made the fans go crazy about his looks and styling.

Junior NTR

NTR Jr. is sharp and energetic, and he got an excellent screen presence, which mesmerizes his fans and audience every time he features on celluloid. His sleek looks, super-fast dance moves, snappy fights and captivating acting skills have earned him the title “Young Tiger”. But, all of this did not happen overnight. He had faced several challenges in the career, the prime one being obesity. Look at him in the film “Rakhi”, and you will know how obese he was. Many critics and audience had an opinion that his career was in danger, and oh boy! How well did he answer them with the sleek look in the next film, Yama Donga!! The secret was, he got mega liposuction to remove the excess fat cells and shape up the body. After the surgery, his facial skin had wrinkled, due to the removal of high amount of fat, and he had to undergo facelift to correct this issue. The surgeries were excellent, changing the fate of NTR in a good way.

Super Star Mahesh Babu

Tollywood’s Super Star, the cute “Prince”, Mahesh Babu, is the heartthrob of youth and ladies, due to the enchanting looks. He was even selected as the “Most Desirable Man” in India. To gain this prominence, even he had to resort for cosmetic surgery, for making his hair dense by hair transplantation. Like his father, Super Star Krishna, even he was susceptible to the baldness and worried about the continuous hair loss. The excellent hair transplantation done had improved his appearance, making him even more stylish.

Shruti Haasan

The daughter of veteran actor, Mr. Kamal Hassan, who is by the way renowned as the pinnacle of celluloid performance, had publicly announced about the nose job she got. But the reason was other than cosmetic purposes, and it was aimed to curb the health issues related to her nose functioning.


This beautiful and excellent actress got liposuction to improve youthfulness, and the surgery is an overwhelming success.


She got lip surgery to spice up her looks, the upper lips to be precise. She was determined to overcome the facial flaws, and enjoyed considerable success.

There are even more veteran and contemporary Tollywood stars, who have enjoyed their stints with cosmetic surgery, and experienced phenomenal improvements.

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