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  • Face Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

    Face Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

    Face Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

    Have you ever felt sad when you look into the mirror? Is it due to the facial wrinkles which are lending you an aged look? Or the deep creases along the length of the nose till the mouth and beneath the eyes? These are the trademark signs of aging, and they make you look ugly. Whatever be the reason, we assure you that you can be turned a lot younger by the face lift surgery.

    In this surgery, the fat pockets in the facial region are removed, and the internal tissues are repaired to lift the facial muscles. The extra sagging skin is also removed, to lend a smooth and youthful look to the face.

    Benefits :

    By getting the face lift surgery, you can enjoy numerous benefits.

    • The drooping skin tissues are repaired, and the beauty of the face is restored.
    • The loose and extra skin is removed, and the remaining skin is sutured to provide smoothness to the face. It makes you look attractive with a firm skin tone.
    • The facial contours are improved, making the features more pronounced. The face also looks proportionate to the rest of the body.
    • After the surgery, you turn younger than before. Due to the treatment for the age related symptoms, the face regains youthfulness, even making you look younger for your age.
    • Your confidence improves very much due to the excellent visual appeal after the surgery. If you are looking older for your age, then this surgery can correct the defect, and increase your confidence by multiple folds.
    • The results of face lift can last for very long time, as high as 10 years. With proper care, the results are pronounced for even more years.

    Face Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Surgery time:  3 to 6 hours
    Hospital stay:  1 day
    Cost:  65,000 to 1,25,000 INR

    You are administered with local anesthesia, or in rare cases, general anesthesia, for performing this surgery. You are incised at the hairline above the ear, extending all the way to the underside and back of the ear. The skin is then lifted up, to access the underlying skin tissues and fat pockets. The excess fat is removed, and sutures are used to retain the stiffness of the skin tissues. After lifting the tissues and improving the elasticity of the muscles, the skin flap is then closed, and sutures are applied at the spots. After healing, the sutures are absorbed by the body, and the surgery marks fade away soon. Since the incisions are made at the hairline, the sutures are not even visible during the healing process.

    Face Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    The cost of face lift surgery depends on various factors, including the type of face lift needed, and the client’s facial conditions. To get the correct rate for the face lift surgery tailor made for you, call our medical facility, and they will be pleased to serve you.

    Recovery Time

    You may need 2 weeks to 1 month for complete recovery. The surgeon will provide you with the important precautions to take during the recovery period.


    No related side effects are present for this surgery. But, the following minor limitations may be found in some clients.

    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Temporary numbness
    • Scarring

    FAQs on Face Lift Surgery

    • Am I suited for getting this cosmetic surgery?

    It mainly depends on your general health, which should be in optimum condition for a successful surgery. However, other factors like skin elasticity, facial bone structure, etc. also have a huge impact on the facial surgery. Get an evaluation at our doctor’s office to clarify all the doubts regarding this concern.

    • Do I have to take any special care before the surgery?

    Yes. For attaining good results, you should be prepared reasonably well before the surgery. You should avoid drinking and smoking at any cost, since they pose risks to the surgery. Contact the doctor for getting the complete details about the pre-preparation for the face lift.

    • Is there any risk due to this operation?

    Facial lift is just a cosmetic procedure aimed to improve your visual appeal. So, there is no risk with this surgery, provided you have good general health, and you are away from smokes and alcoholic drinks before the surgery.

    • Do I feel any pain during or after the face lift?

    You are locally or generally sedated during the operation, so there is no chance for any pain whatsoever. After the process, you are prescribed with pain killer medications, which play a considerable role in minimizing the pain completely during the healing period.

    • Are the surgery marks visible?

    We do our best to cover up the surgery marks, by making the incisions at the hair line. The surgical incisions at the ears are made along the natural creases, so that the marks are well concealed. However, they are completely curable, and fade away with time. We also provide you with special ointments and regimen to cure the scars, and they will speed up the healing process, and make the marks disappear quickly.

    • Does my face look much younger after the face lift?

    That depends on a number of conditions, mainly the circumstances related to the client’s facial features and present skin condition. There are absolute chances for you to turn a lot younger, or at minimalistic possibilities, you look younger than what you are at present for sure.

    • How many years are the results prominent?

    The results are prominent for many years, as high as 10 years, and sometimes, even more, depending on the care taken by the client. Intake of more fruits and fresh vegetables, taking the appropriate water quantity per day, getting regular exercise, living a stress free life, protecting the skin from harsh weather conditions by using good sun screen lotions and moisturizers, etc. can make the results of facial lift last longer.

    Face Lift Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti is the most sophisticated and experienced face lift surgeon in Hyderabad. He have tackled 3,000+ face lift surgeries till now, and this experience is crucial in providing the clients with utmost satisfactory results.

    I got the facial lift at Akruti, to treat the age symptoms and enhance my facial appeal. The team had done an incredible job, providing me with excellent results.

    – by Nalini Reddy

    Akruti has got great hands-on experience in facial lifts. I found that when they have operated on me, and provided the exact results which were expected before the surgery. They do what they say.

    -by Shyam Mohan

    The attention to even minute of work by Akruti separates them from the crop of plastic surgery hospitals. I had a failed surgery done at another renowned facility in the city, which I don’t want to name due to the disgusting experience I had there. That mistake had taught me to conduct in-depth research in selecting the plastic surgeon, and due to the experience and success rate, Dr. Ram of Akruti was fine for my brain. I have contacted him, and in the very first meet, I was able to identify that he was the one who can make things correct for me, which were messed up by the previous surgery. Gladly, my expectations proved right, and I am very happy about the excellent results.

    -by Anupama Dey

    Face Lift Surgery in Hyderabad (India)Face Lift Surgeon in Hyderabad

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