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  • Correction of Inverted Nipples in Hyderabad

    Nipple Correction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Nipple Correction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Inverted nipples, though this name sounds uncommon, surprisingly many women are tormented by this health condition. What can be the worse for a woman than unable to breastfeed her child? Sadly, this condition got the nerve to implicate it on the poor sufferers.


    Also, it doesn’t back off from spoiling the beauty of the lovely women. The inverted nipples can cast an ugly spell and turn the otherwise good looking lady into a hideous creature. Now enough with this turmoil, we dive into the most powerful approach to ease it off, the correction of inverted nipples.


    Inverted nipples are caused due to the difference in pull between the internal milk ducts and the nipple muscles. If the pressure from milk ducts is more, then the nipples are inverted. The surgery for correcting the inverted nipples focuses on releasing these milk ducts to avert the nipples.

    Correction of inverted nipples is conducted in Hyderabad, India to make millions of women free from this condition.




    Correction of inverted nipples features a range of benefits.


    • Your self-confidence takes a hike. After the correction of those ugly possessions, your beauty is restored and you will be happy about your looks.
    • Breastfeeding is not a problem anymore. Women with grade 1 and grade 2 inverted nipples can breastfeed their children.
    • Public locker rooms are no more harassment for you. Due to the nipple correction, you can change clothes confidently among the other women.
    • You can wear all types of clothes. You may have avoided some dresses because they might unveil the inverted nipple structure. This is not an issue at all after the surgery. You can wear tees, tight fitting tops, etc. without any fear.




    Inverted nipples are corrected by releasing or dividing the milk ducts. In this process, a small incision is made beneath the nipple. The milk ducts are then corrected to release the nipple. Some soluble sutures are made to keep the nipple in the position. The incision is then closed.

    Nipple Correction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Exact rates depend on different factors. Call our hospital for the exact rates.




    It takes 4 to 6 weeks for complete recovery.




    Some minor limitations are


    • Inability to breastfeed after the surgery.
    • Tender nipples
    • Pain
    • Scarring


    FAQs on Inverted Nipple correction Surgery


    • How can I opt for this surgery if I will be unable to breastfeed?

    You should only opt for this surgery if there is no further need to breastfeed.

    • Why am I unable to breastfeed after the surgery?

    To correct the inverted nipple, the milk ducts are divided or elongated. Hence the milk cannot reach the nipples after the surgery.

    •    Are the results permanent?

    Absolutely, because the milk ducts causing this issue are differentiated.

    •    Are there any scars visible?

    There are different types of inverted nipple correction. But we only opt for the surgeries which are less invasive and cause minor scars.

    • What if somebody have Grade 2 or Grade 3 inverted nipples?

    They should get the surgery definitely. Else, they might face many embarrassing moments.

    • Do I have any pain after the surgery?

    You might observe small amount of pain after the surgery. Nonetheless, it is very low and it can subside in few days.

    • I am unable to change clothes in public locker rooms. Can the surgery help it?

    Your nipples might be looking like they are pulled in, and they might resemble holes. After the surgery, your nipples protrude out and they look like any other woman. So, you can dress up in public locker rooms without any regrets.

    Nipple Correction Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the leading breast surgeon in Hyderabad for correcting the inverted nipples. Many women from and out of Hyderabad have experienced excellent results at his medical facility, Akruti.


    Why Akruti?

    Akruti is the leading hospital for the correction of inverted nipples in Hyderabad. Its expertise doctors and class leading facilities provide the clients with the desired results.

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    Nipple Correction Surgery in HyderabadNipple Correction Surgeon in Hyderabad

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