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  • Female Liposuction

    As a female, you might have observed various benefits and drawbacks related to the gender. When we say that unnecessary fat accumulation in various body parts is the biggest gripe of females, then you would not object the statement, since there are overwhelming cases of women suffering with the stubborn fat accumulation throughout the world. So, what is the solution for this issue? You might have thought about dieting and exercise at this point, aren’t you? But the sad fact is stubborn fat requires more than the conventional strategies for getting treated.

    Ok, enough with the sad facts, what about the gleam of light you may ask. Now, we feel very happy to present you with the excellent solution for this issue, the female liposuction.

    Women are quite different from men in fat accumulation. Due to the genetic traits, the fat gets automatically stored in the hips, buttocks, thighs, lower back, arms and shoulders, and many other places in a woman’s body, out of which, a majority of them are not appropriate or even a matter of consideration for men. Hence, women are needed to be addressed specifically for this issue, by resorting to the female liposuction.


    By getting female liposuction, you can enjoy the following benefits.

    • The tough places to remove the fat are treated effectively by this surgery, and the body parts are shaped to make them normal.
    • Due to the right body proportions, you look good and dresses of any type suit you better.
    • Your social life improves due to the increased visual appearance.
    • You regain the lost confidence, and this can turn out to be crucial in the key aspects, as you will face these challenges with improved attitude.


    The body parts like thighs, shoulders, breasts, buttocks, etc. are selected for the fat removal by liposuction. You are kept under general anesthesia, and several incisions are made at the target body parts. Tumescent fluid is sent into the body at these spots to emulsify the fat layers, which aids in the easy removal of the fat. Then, the surgeon uses a cannula to break the fat cells, which is sent into the fat layers through the incisions on the skin. The cannula is then rocked in a forth and back motion, to break the swollen fat cells (due to the tumescent fluid). After completing the process successfully, the liquid fat is sucked out of the body. This facilitates in shaping up the body parts, which improves the contours and appearance.

    After the surgery, the surgical cuts are closed and bandages are used to cover the operated parts, and promote healing.

    Recovery Time

    The recovery period of female liposuction ranges from 2 to 10 days. However, you should follow the inputs provided by the surgeon. Strenuous activities should not be performed till the doctor advises in the favor of it. You should also take good diet, preferably fresh fruits and vegetables, to speed up the recovery process. Also, the prescribed medicines should be taken without fail, as they can prevent you from falling prey to any infections, relieve you from pain and promote faster recovery. This period is very important, because it decides the results of the surgery.


    The usual price range of female liposuction is 50,000 INR – 1,50,000 INR. It varies according to the amount of fat to be removed in the surgery.


    • Can I really become normal after this cosmetic surgery?

    We provide the expected results before the surgery itself, which can feed you with the hints regarding the results you experience after the surgery. You must understand that all women cannot attain the same level of output, since it relies on the body condition and prognosis, which are very different for each of them.

    • Am I suitable for female liposuction?

    If your general health is good, then you are suitable for liposuction without second thought. But, if you are suffering with any health conditions, then you should consult our cosmetic surgeon. He provides you with the necessary suggestions to keep the general health in excellent condition, and after the issues are stabilized, you are provided with the female liposuction treatment.

    • Are there any potential risks related to this surgery, including death?

    This is a cosmetic surgery, which means none of the internal body parts are even touched by us. We only deal with the removal of fat layers underneath the skin. However, you should select a highly experienced doctor, like Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao for precise fat removal in absolutely safe conditions.

    • What is the experience of Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao? If all seems well, I will get the surgery done at your hospital.

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao has conducted 4,000+ liposuction surgeries till now, while the total cosmetic and plastic surgeries conducted by him stand at 10,000+ as of now. He is the most experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad, and he is the most renowned person in the medical circles throughout the country.

    • It is really great, but can you throw some light on the medical facilities at your hospital as well?

    Of course. We use the advanced equipment for conducting the plastic and cosmetic surgeries, which even surpass the international standards. We are also offering the advanced versions of liposuction, which are highly effective than the conventional methods, and we are one of the only two hospitals in Hyderabad who provide these sophisticated and immaculate treatments.

    • Excellent. If I want to take treatment in your hospital, then what is the procedure to follow?

    Just visit our hospital at KPHB, and you are offered with the preliminary medical evaluation. If all the test results are good, then our chief surgeon will explain about the expected results and you will be assisted by our staff in completing other formalities.

    • Ok. What should I do on the surgery day?

    Just bring a caretaker with you, who can be your family member, friend or well-wisher. But he/she should be responsible enough to take care of you before and after the treatment.

    Female liposuction is the path breaking technique, which has provided many women with immense relief throughout the world. The fat pouches, flabs and rolls are only the matter of past for the women today.

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