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  • Hymenoplasty surgery in Hyderabad

    Hymenoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad, India

    Hymenoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad

    Hymen, the earnest symbol of virginity, is crucial for women of various ethnics and religions. It also instills a feeling of “self-ownership” in many females. A number of reasons prevail to restore the precious membrane, and you have the “Hymenoplasty” for it.


    “…idea at play here is that of “morality.” When young women are taught about morality, there’s not often talk of compassion, kindness, courage, or integrity. There is, however, a lot of talk about hymens”, by Jessica Valenti.

    Ladies from the conservative ethnic groups, where sex before marriage qualifies for the appalling wrath, which can seep through the last breath, face horrifying challenges if their virginity is lost prior to the wedlock. And the situation is even gross for the women with no hymen from the birth.


    Hymenoplasty provides a mammoth relief to these people. It also serves the special purposes of some females, which can range from surprising the hubby to complacency about the virginity.




    • Establishes the proof of virginity
      Perfect for conservative societies, this surgery establishes the virginity proof, the hymen, and saves the ladies and their parents from the cruel shame.
    • Reconstructs the hymen
      How about a staggering truth? Hymen might be a thing of past due to the casual activities. And what if these ladies are amidst the conservatives? They are punished for nothing. The savior of this catastrophe, hymenoplasty, can reconstruct the damaged hymen.
    • No hymen ever!! No problem!
      And the peak of all, hymen can be absent from the birth, and how much ado do such girls face? Thankfully, it is not a problem at all due to the hymenoplasty, which features the construction of hymen from the core.
    • Prepares for the marriage
      First night, often resembles the torn hymen, can be a nightmare for the ladies with no virgin layer. This surgery prepares such women for marriage, and helps them in starting their new life happily.
    • Get younger anytime
      Some ladies, who like to be evergreen young, can get this operation for proving their fascination.
    • Surprise for the hubby
      Want to take him down through the memory lane of your first night? Surprise him with a hymen on a special day.

    Hymenoplasty surgery cost in Hyderabad

    Hymenoplasty Procedure

    Surgery time: 1-3 hours
    Hospital stay:  Immediate discharge
    Cost:  35,000 to 50,000 INR

    There are three types of Hymenoplasty surgeries.

    1. Basic sutures to the damaged hymen, which has occurred recently
    2. Constructing bloodless membrane, which can hold artificial blood
    3. Preparation of new hymen from the vagina lining, aided by a real blood supply.

    You can choose one of these techniques, and also, the doctor can suggest the most appropriate method for you. On the surgery day, you are locally or generally sedated, and the operation is carried out by suturing back the reminiscent layers of the torn hymen. You are treated on out-patient basis, and you are discharged on the same day. There are no suture marks or scars, so you can leave the hospital without any fear.

    Cost of Hymenoplasty

    While the average cost ranges from 35K to 50K INR, the exact cost depends on the treatment chosen.


    Recovery Time

    The complete recovery varies for person to person, which ranges from 1 to 4 weeks.



    The only limitation is you have to be careful in the recovery period, for preventing the suture damage.


    FAQs on Hymenoplasty Surgery


    • Does the hymen feel natural?
      Absolutely yes. Since the torn hymen remains are sutured together, the new hymen is indeed natural.
    • I am planning for marriage. When should I get this surgery?
      You can get this surgery at least 4 weeks prior to the marriage date.
    • Can I have sex during the recovery period?
      If you have sex, then the hymen breaks, and since the operated sited is quite ripe during the recovery, you might face a painful wound.
    • Does blood pops out when the new hymen ruptures?
      It depends on which surgery method you opted for.
    • Can my husband recognize the surgery?
      No way, there are no external scars or marks. However, always remember that, a successful relationship depends on transparency.
    • Am I good to do the normal activities?
      You can do normal, but not strenuous, activities from the day 1.
    • I am feeling somewhat tight after the surgery. Why is it?
      Since the upper layer of hymen is sutured, it feels tight for some days.

    Hymenoplasty Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti is the most successful Hymenoplasty surgeon in Hyderabad. Step into his hospital for the expert work.

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    Hymenoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad, IndiaHymenoplasty Surgeon in Hyderabad

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