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  • Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad

    When you stood in front of a mirror, did you observe any disproportion in your body? Perhaps, like something is insufficient? And is it right below the neck? We know that a beautiful lady like you deserves a diamond pendant there, but we are talking about something beneath that, the most precious asset, the breasts.

    When you feel that your breasts are small, the simple remedy for it is improving them. But as you know, this simple remedy is next to impossible in the real world. So, we try to make the remedy even simpler. And the simpler version is “Breast Augmentation”.

    Your breast size can be increased by the surgery, breast augmentation. This is the simplest, quickest and the only effective technique available for increasing the breast without any side effects.
    Breast augmentation in Hyderabad, India can provide a crisp solution to your problem.

    Benefits :

    Indeed, breast augmentation is highly beneficial to you. The list of benefits includes

    Fuller Breasts

    You feel happy for the large and fuller breasts after the surgery. You may not stop  admiring the improved profile for some months. Your self-satisfaction worths more than any other aspect.

    Improved confidence

    Your confidence improves due to the excellent physique you have. You believe that you can tackle any challenge with flying colours. The improved confidence levels can impact your personal, public and work lives in a positive way.

    Colourful public life

    Your adorable personality can attract others and people like to be around you. Your public life turns more colourful after the surgery.

    Wear what you like

    Due to the fuller breasts, any dress can look great for you, and your pals might admire the fact that you are the most gorgeous one of the wolf pack.

    Viable solution for accidents

    Women, succumbed to deformities of the breasts during accidents or any other medical conditions, can get through the painful period by resorting to the breast augmentation. The damaged structures are shaped neatly and the looks are restored. These ladies can enjoy their lives like any other normal woman.


    Sedation and anesthesia are provided to you for comfort during the surgery. The doctor will make incisions according to your body shape and the size of the breasts expected. These incisions are made on the breast crease, armpits and areola, so that the scars are not visible after the surgery. Breast implants are placed under the breast tissue and the incisions are closed  by sutures or surgical tape. Different varieties of implants are available for you to choose one. Each implant has its own benefits and niggles. The doctor can help you in choosing the right one.

    Saline Implants

    These breast implants contain sterile salt water for lending a good shape and firmness to the breasts. When the saline implant collapses, the water is absorbed into the body and it is expelled by the natural evacuation process. The downside is the breasts get deflated at once when the implant ruptures.

    Silicone Gel Implants

    Silicone gel is used to fill the implants and it resembles the breast’s texture. The main benefit of this implant is the silicone gel retains in the implant pocket even though the shell is broken. So there is no problem of breast deflation at once with the silicone gel breast implants.

    Gummy Bear Implants

    The gummy bear implants have silicone gel with high consistency. Due to it, even the shape of the breasts do not change after any deflation. But these implants are not in round shape. They are more pronounced at the bottom and tapers gradually at the top. So, if these implants rotate, then the breasts look quite unnatural.

    Round Implants

    Round implants can make the breasts look fuller. Since the implants are round in shape, there is no problem with the rotation of the implants in the breast, unlike gummy bear implants.

    Soft Implants

    These implants are very soft compared to any other type. They are also movable inside the breasts and this provides a natural movement.

    Textured Implants

    These implants develop a scar to hold tightly and prevent any movement.

    Breast Augmentation Graphical Video for patients


    Breast Augmentation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    The cost of brmentation varies a lot, depending on the person. It is calculated accordeast auging to the target size of the breasts and the type of implant used.

    Average pricing : Rs 95,000-Rs 1,10,000

    Please get the details about the exact pricing at our medical facility.


    You need a recovery period of 1 to 2 days. You should not carry heavy weights for some days.


    This surgery may pose you with some minor side effects, which would not require more than 7 days to recover. These minor limitations are


    • Bruising
    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Temporary changes in sensation



    • Am I suitable for the surgery?

    If you have no serious health conditions or recent surgeries done, then you are suitable for breast augmentation. However, you should have a realistic approach towards the results of this surgery. Follow the doctor’s words, else, you may not have satisfaction with the results.


    • How much size can I expect my breasts to put on?

    The outcome of this surgery depends on various factors, predominantly the shape of your body. You will be notified with the expected results prior to the surgery.


    • Am I required to take any precautions before the surgery?

    Yes. Just stay away from alcohol and smoking.


    • Is there anything to inform the doctor prior to the surgery?

    You should clarify about any existing health conditions and the medicines being used.


    • How to select the right breast implant?

    According to your requirements and body shape, the doctor will suggest you with the suitable breast implants.


    • Do I face any pain after the surgery?

    Small amount of pain may persist, but it is curable in less than 7 days due to the prescribed medicines.


    • Are the surgery marks visible?

    The incisions are made very cleverly, so that the scars after the surgery are completely tucked away. The preferred choices for making incisions are armpits, aerola and breast crease.


    • What care should I take post surgery?

    Avoid any damages to the implants and do not carry any heavy weights for some days.

    Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti hospital is the experienced breast agumentation surgeon in Hyderabad. The rave reviews he got are a testimony to his proficiency.

    Why Akruti?

    Akruti specializes in providing its clientele with various types of breast implants and conducting the surgeries with utmost success. The long lasting results our clientele enjoy is an epitome of customer satisfaction.

    Akruti is truly worth of every praise it receives. They do not leave the work without attaining perfection and it is a good news to us, the customers. Went there and got the surgery perfectly done.

    by Pragnya

    I got breast agumentation at Akruti and I am happy to have it there. The result was something I was afraid of, but after the surgery, I am completely happy with the success.

    -by Sushiksha Anirudh[

    Breast Augmentation Surgery in HyderabadBreast Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad

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