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  • Lip Reduction surgery in Hyderabad

    Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Lip Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Have you ever dreamt of having beautiful lips, which are seductive enough to make you happy in the public? If so, then did you find any issue with your lips? If yes, then the problem might be about the large size. You can shape up these lips by using “lip reduction surgery in hyderabad”.


    The large lips are reduced in size by removing the inner fat and tissue. This shapes up the lips according to your requirements and proportionate to the face.




    • Cute lips
      The odd sized lips are turned to cute looking ones by this surgery. You are not needed to be embarrassed about the large sized lips anymore.
    • Size them as you like
      There are no limitations on how you want to turn your lips. You can shape up them till they are suited to the face.
    • Simplest way to turn beautiful
      Lip reduction is a simple procedure which can improve your beauty by ten folds. You can attain the beautiful lips in a couple of hours itself.
    • Quick recovery
      Contrary to the weeks and months of recovery for other surgeries, you will recover in 3 to 7 days after the commencement of the operation.
    • Quick results
      No need to wait for months to observe the results. You can see the improvement right after the recovery period itself.
    • Your confidence rocks
      Due to the definitive and pronounced change in the face, you will be more likeable than before. The bunch of compliments can surge your self-confidence to high levels.


    Procedure :


    Surgery time:  2 to 4 hours
    Hospital stay:  1 day
    Cost:  35,000 to 65,000 INR


    Lip reduction works by removing the fat and tissue from your lips. You are provided with local anesthesia, so you are awake during the process while the lips feel numb. Incisions are made at the corners of the lips, and the fat and tissue are sucked out through these openings. After completing the process, the incisions are closed by sutures.

    Lip Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Cost of lip reduction is dependent on the amount of fat and tissue to be removed. In other words, the current size of the lips and the expected size are crucial for determining the exact cost. Consult our doctor in person, so we can know about the work to be performed and calculate the price accordingly.



    The recovery is very quick. You can be fit in 3 to 4 days.



    No major limitations are related to this surgery. But some minor side effects may be observed in some cases.

    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Irritation
    • Redness


    FAQs on Lip Reduction Surgery


    • Am I suitable for lip reduction?
      Anyone with good general health is suitable for lip reduction.
    • What if I have any health conditions?
      Inform the doctor about them and any related drugs you are using.
    • How should I prepare for the surgery?
      Get a medical evaluation at our hospital prior to the surgery. Don’t smoke and drink for 30 days before the surgery.
    • Am I awake during the operation?
      You are awake during the operation since you are administered with local anesthesia, numbing the lips alone. In rare cases, you might be provided with general anesthesia. This can make you unconscious during the surgery.
    • Can I feel the difference right after the surgery?
      You may observe the difference, but the changes are more pronounced after the recovery period (3-4 days).
    • What should I eat during the recovery?
      Eat lots of vegetables and fruits in the recovery period.
    • How to take care after the surgery?
      Just avoid any serious blows to the region.

    Lip Reduction Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Looking for the best lip reduction surgeon in Hyderabad? Then look no further than Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao for the experience he got (3,000+ lip reduction cases)


    Why Akruti?

    The efficient surgeons and effective equipment available for lip reduction are the two main reasons to select Akruti.


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