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  • Circumcision Surgery in Hyderabad

    Circumcision surgery in Hyderabad

    Circumcision surgery in Hyderabad

    Circumcision surgery in Hyderabad

    Get it done with Minimal Scar and no pain with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.


    Circumcision (Khatna in Hindi language) is an surgical procedure done in order to remove the excess foreskin also termed as prepuce from the penis .The procedure is done with the help of local anesthesia .It is generally carried out for Phimosis (A condition caused when the foreskin cannot be fully retracted over the glans penis) or Urinary tract infections or balanoposthitis( is an inflammation of the glans penis and the foreskin).

    The origin of this procedure though dates back to the Ancient Egypt it has got its own advancement on terms of performing the procedure. Circumcision is being carried out in a major manner in United States.

    Circumcision treatment in Hyderabad

    Potential Risks:

    • Swelling,
    • Bruising and
    • Mild Pain can be seen post procedure.


    Results of Circumcision:

    • Complete removal of the foreskin covering the tip of penis.

    1-2 hours surgeon in Hyderabad

    1-2 hours of stay is recommended


    Why People go ahead for a circumcision ?

    Answer: A person can go ahead for this due to cleanliness, excess foreskin, religious factors and other health reasons .


    When can i get back to work after circumcision?

    Answer: You can get back to work the very next day.


    Quick Facts:-

    The oldest documentary evidence of this procedure comes from Ancient Egypt (2345–2181 BC).The below picture shows the Ancient Egyptian circumcision.


    Advantages of the procedure:-

    1. Helps in reducing urinary bladder infection.
    2. Helps in reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections such as HIV and Genital Herpes.
    3. Reduces the risk of developing Cancer in Penis.


    Cost :- Rs 30,000 (All Inclusive-Room Charges,Anesthesia Charges, Cosmetic Surgeon Fee)


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