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  • Male Breast Surgery / Gynecomastia in Hyderabad


    Male Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

    Male Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

    What is the best way to beat the summer heat? Step into the beach, take a walk along the shore and dive into the sea water. Spice up the moments by taking a delicious drink and playing volley ball on the shore with your best pals. And obviously, you are shirtless while doing all these.


    If you are apprehensive about removing the shirt in these picturesque conditions and flaunt with the toned chest, then you might be suffering with large sagged chest or male breast or Gynecomastia. Many men have fallen prey for this cosmetic issue and they suffer from female breast like chests.


    Gynecomastia Benefits


    There are seamless benefits with the male breast reduction surgery.


    • Looks cool

      Gone are the days when you have hidden the chest always. Now flaunt as you like with the improved chest contour and cool attitude.  Your pals appreciate the look and strangers envy you. Not to forget about the secret admirers who have crush on you.

    • Purge the extra weight

      Get rid of the extra weight on your chest by getting the male breast or Gynecomastia surgery. The fat layers and the excess glandular tissue are removed to shape up your chest. This process cuts off some pounds and makes you feel light weighted.

    • Adorable like never before

      The improved physique translates into an adorable look in any attire. Couple the surgery results with regular exercise, you are nothing short of a male model posing for Van Heusen or Tommy Hilfiger.

    • Self-confidence, the new trump card

      Say good bye to the embarrassing man breast moments which refrained you from the active participation in various activities. Throw in the new trump card, the self-confidence, and win wherever you set the foot.

    • Choose the way you like

      Select the size of the chest you like to have with Gynecomastia surgery. Now you are the sculptor of your own looks.

    • Caress the wallet

      When you opt for male breast surgery, you save a lot of money on other techniques. This surgery is the most effective and direct solution for male breasts.

    Male Breast Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Gynecomastia Procedure


    Surgery time: 1-3 hours
    Stay at hospital: Immediate discharge, but take rest for 1 day at home
    Cost: 38,000 to 65,000 INR


    The surgery is performed when you are unconscious (administered by general anesthesia). Small incisions are made on your chest. The fat and excess glandular tissue are then removed through the incisions, and the extra skin is shortened and sutured to render a smooth texture. Also, small tubes are placed beneath the skin to drain out any excess blood and fluid in the region. The incisions are then closed by sutures and bandages.

    There is no way to tell about the concrete cost, except analyzing you and charge according to the work.


    Recovery Time

    You might need around 30 days to recover completely. Take due care during this period and avoid any impacts on the chest.


    Gynecomastia Limitations

    The limitations are nowhere near to bothersome and they get fixed quickly due to the medicines prescribed after the surgery.


    • Swelling: You might observe in the chest region
    • Pain: A small amount of pain may persist after the surgery
    • Tenderness: The operated part would be tender to touch for some days
    • Seroma: Fluid might accumulate in the region




    • Am I suitable for the surgery?

    If you want to get rid of the sagged chest, then you are definitely suitable for the surgery. The only precaution you have to take is inform the doctor about any medicines you are using for the existing health issues.


    • Is my chest shaped neatly?

    The fat deposits and extra tissue are removed to shape your chest. So the final output is neat and you can enjoy the results for a lifetime.


    • Are large cuts made on my chest?

    The incisions are usually small and wide enough to remove the fat and glandular tissue.


    • Are the scars visible after healing?

    We make incisions cleverly at hideous places where they are almost invisible. Areola, the region around the nipple is the preferred spot for us to make the incisions. The scars are invisible due to the colour at this region.


    • How many days should I stay in the hospital?

    Not even one day. You are treated on outpatient basis. But you are required to take rest for at least 1 day at the home.


    • So, can I do any work after a day’s rest?

    No. You should not do strenuous works or attend the job for some days.


    • Does any fluid flow from the operated region?

    Even though the fluid accumulates in the operated region, it does not flow out, as it is drained by the small tubes which are placed under the skin during the surgery.


    • Are there any serious complications related to the surgery?

    This is a cosmetic surgery aimed to shape your chest. So there are no problems associated with the male breast surgery.


    Male Breast Surgeon in Hyderabad

    The Best male breast surgeon in Hyderabad is Mr. Ram Bhupal Rao. His extraordinary efforts in treating people with Gynecomastia have paid off well by providing them with the permanent results.


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