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  • Buttock Shaping in Hyderabad

    Buttock Surgery in Hyderabad

    Buttocks Surgery in Hyderabad 

    Buttocks are an element of beauty when they are about the right size. But the other side of the coin is they look awful when they are oversized. If you fall into the second category, i.e. large buttocks, then you should shape them by getting a buttock lift or buttock shaping.


    This surgery involves the removal of fat and extra skin from your buttocks. The procedure shapes up your butts and cures the stretch marks. The results of buttock shaping will leave you in excitement for sure.


    Benefits of Buttocks Augmentation


    Obviously, you look beautiful with the reshaped butts. Also, there are some other benefits related to this aspect.


    • The perfectly shaped butts make your body look symmetrical and beautiful. You might even get compliments from your known ones.
    • There is a weight reduction in your butt region due to the removal of fat layers. This helps you in doing the regular activities swiftly.
    • The dresses fit exactly and glorify your beauty. Yes, you can wear slim fittings without any regrets.
    • Your body looks beautifully sculpted, enough for your confidence levels to cross the horizons.

    Buttock Reshaping surgeon in Hyderabad

    Buttock Reshaping Procedure

    The surgical procedure starts with providing anesthesia and sedation to you. They provide you with a painless surgery and make the fat cells removable. After that, an incision is made at your butt crease or beneath the butt cheeks. The fat layers and extra skin are removed through it. The incision is then closed with sutures and bandages are applied at the spot.


    Recovery Time

    You need 3 to 4 weeks for recovery. You have to follow the doctor’s suggestions and take prescribed medicines during this period.



    There are some limitations for this surgery, but fear not, they are just temporary. They subside in a few days.


    • Visible scars
    • Pain
    • Swelling
    • Seroma (Collection of fluid)


    FAQs on Buttock Augmentation/Reduction Surgery


    1. Are the results prominent?

    Yes. You can observe a lot of difference after the surgery.


    2.Should I take any care before surgery?

    You should take the required care before the surgery. The main requirement is you should stop smoking and booze (drinking) before the surgery.


    3.What care is taken post surgery?

    Your incisions are covered with bandages and a compression garment. This garment prevents any swelling in the region. Small tubes are also fixed there to remove the blood traces and pus.


    4.Are the scars visible?

    Incisions are made in butt crease or beneath the butt cheeks or groin. So, the scars are concealed neatly.


    5.Can I walk properly?

    You can walk properly in the recovery period itself. But never do it forcefully. Have patience till you walk normally.


    6.Do any health issues pop up after the surgery?

    If you get the buttock lift from the highly certified doctor, then there is no chance for any health issues to pop up after the surgery.


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    Buttock Surgery in HyderabadButtock Reshaping Procedure

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