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  • Nose Surgery in Hyderabad

    Rhinoplasty Surgery in Hyderabad

    Nose Surgery in Hyderabad

    How do you describe a beautiful person? The answer would be a pronounced face, dazzling eyes, alluring lips, clear skin tone and so on. And where do you fit the nose in this description? Well, our pick is a straight and sharp featured nose with no humps, bumps and wide nostrils. If you think that your nose needs any correction, then you have to get Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery in Hyderabad.

    During this surgery, any irregularities in the nose are corrected to make it normal. The nose size is decreased or increased to make it proportionate to the face. Finally, you get the desired shape and size after the surgery. Apart from the cosmetic aspect, rhinoplasty is also performed to improve breathing. The nose structure can hinder the airflow and breathing in some people, and they need nose surgery to correct this condition.


    Benefits :


    Improves your nose shape

    Your nose is shaped to perfection, and this improves your beauty. The nose looks very pronounced and smooth in texture, and in fact, you can observe a lot of difference before and after the surgery


    Brings facial symmetry

    The nose is crafted to make it symmetrical to the face. So, it gels with the face cut and increases the visual appeal.


    Removes bumps

    The unnecessary bumps on the nasal bridge are removed to lend a smooth texture to the nose.


    Corrects crooked nose

    A nose which is crooked and has a large tip is corrected. Then the nose bridge looks normal without any imperfections.


    Addresses breathing issues

    The breathing issues are addressed by altering the internal structure of the nose. Any obstruction in the air passage is treated by adjusting the nasal bone and the cartilage.


    Enhances the life

    Due to the improved physical appearance, self confidence takes a leap and you dive into the life with a new perspective.


    Nose Reshaping Procedure

    Surgery time:  1-8 hours
    Hospital stay:  1-3 days
    Cost:  20,000 to 2,50,000 INR

    You are sedated before the surgery. Incisions are made inside the nose (closed procedure) or outside the nose at the strip which separates both the nostrils (open procedure). The skin covering the nose is then lifted up to access the internal structure. For a large nose, the additional cartilage and bone are removed to decrease the size. If the nose has to be improved in size to make it proportionate to the face, then cartilage grafts are used for the purpose. People with breathing problems are treated by correcting the deviated septum. It is straightened and the related projections are adjusted to improve the air flow through the nasal passage. After this process, the nasal skin is restored in its place and sutured to close the incisions. Nose splints are used for some days to support the new nose structure.

    Nose Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    The exact cost is directly related to the work that has to be done on your nose. You can know about the price by getting an examination at our hospital.



    You need a recovery period up to 4 weeks. However, you can start attending the day job after 2 weeks itself. But be careful to avoid any blows to the nose, as the tender structure is susceptible to damage during this period.



    You don’t need to worry about any limitations of this surgery, as they are very minor and absolutely recoverable in a few days. Let us see about them.


    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Fluid accumulation

    Nose Surgeon in Hyderabad

    With an experience in dealing more than 4,000 cases, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the most experienced nose surgeon in Hyderabad.


    Why Akruti?

    Want to get a high quality nose job done? Then check out Akruti for the unparalleled expertise.




    • Can I get the desired nose shape?

    Yes, you can get. The doctor assesses your nose shape and facial condition to zero on the perfect treatment for your nose. However, if you have unrealistic expectations, then you might not like the final output. Discuss your expectations with the doctor, know about the possible outcomes and conclude about the treatment before the surgery itself.


    • I want a closed surgery to conceal any scars. Is it possible in every case?

    We understand your intentions about keeping the scars invisible, so we resort to the closed procedure in many cases. But, if the issue is quite major, then we look into the open procedure as the internal structures are more viable by this method.


    • I have a drooping nose. Can I expect any good result?

    Your nose is corrected to make it normal. Of course, you can expect a good result after the surgery.


    • What will you do if I am having a severe breathing issue?

    One of the main purposes of rhinoplasty is to treat patients with breathing problems due to the nose structure. We take due care during the surgery to pin point the complications and treat those projections by adjusting them. We can guarantee that you will breathe freely post surgery.


    • What care should I take after the operation?

    Take plenty of rest for healing quickly. You are also suggested to take good diet, like green leafy vegetables and fruits. Follow the doctor’s advice closely and never miss out the prescribed medicines.


    • I want to know about your experience in rhinoplasty?

    We did 4,000+ nose surgeries till date.


    • Can I get some images of your work?

    Step into our office to see the images.

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