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  • Brachioplasty in Hyderabad

    Brachioplasty or Arms Reduction/Shaping in Hyderabad, India

    Brachioplasty or Arms Reduction/Shaping in Hyderabad

    How many times have you seen people making fun of large sagging arms? Probably, a number of times. If you are having this kind of arms, then you would have faced several embarrassing moments by now. But fret not, Brachioplasty can save you from this embarrassment forever.


    Brachioplasty, popularly known as Arm Lift, is a surgery carried out to shape the upper arms and make them visually pleasing. The fat cells in your upper arms are extracted and the extra skin is removed to make the arms smooth in texture. The internal tissues are worked upon to improve the elasticity. After this surgery, your arms look aesthetically appealing.


    Benefits of Brachioplasty


    You get a number of benefits, both cosmetically and psychologically.


    • You will have normal arms. The extra sized arms are reduced and the smooth texture is restored. It is a nice feeling to get normal after suffering from the large flabby arms.

    • Since you turn from flab to fab, your arms become lighter, enhancing the swift movements.
    • The rejuvenated skin looks youthful and delighting.
    • Due to the neat profile, you can choose your favorite attire. Especially the sleeveless tops look excellent for you.
    • The improved visual appeal boosts your confidence very much. Your public life turns interesting and nobody would have a second thought about your appearance.
    • You can flaunt with the toned arms, like the sleek Kim Kardashian in the strapless summer fashion or the lustrous Katrina Kaif in the sizzling black strapless outfit.


    How is Brachioplasty performed?


    You are sedated and then injected with anesthesia. An incision is made from the armpit to the elbow. The fat layers and the sagged skin are then removed. Also, the inner muscles are sutured wherever needed for improving the elasticity. The remaining outer skin is closed and the incision is covered with bandages.

    Brachioplasty Cost of Surgery in Hyderabad

    Our sincere suggestion is you should not think about cost for these surgeries. You should concentrate on hiring an experienced professional plastic surgeon to take up this task. The quality of the surgery depends entirely on this aspect. However, you can get the respective price list at our hospital.


    Recovery Time

    You need 10 to 14 days to recover completely. You can do normal activities after that. But you should refrain from lifting heavy weights till you regain the strength.



    You do not need to worry about any side effects of this surgery as they are temporary and curable in a few days. The temporary issues you may face are


    • Bleeding
    • Swelling
    • Soreness
    • Numbness
    • Poor sutures absorption

    Brachioplasty Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti is the best Brachioplasty or Arm lift surgeon in Hyderabad. The huge number of successful arm lift surgeries at Akruti are a testimony to his expertise. 


    FAQs on Brachioplasty Surgery


    • Is the surgery useful for me?

    Brachioplasty sculpts your arms and turns them into normal. So it is definitely useful for you.


    • How long do the results last?

    They last for a lifetime if you take proper care. Discard all the foods with high levels of cholesterol and eat fibrous foods.


    • Is there any pain after the surgery?

    A mild pain might be observed after the surgery.


    • Do I look muscular after this cosmetic surgery?

    Brachioplasty removes the fat layers and makes the arms look normal. But it is not a magical spell to improve the muscles without any effort. You should have realistic expectations before the surgery.

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    Brachioplasty or Arms Reduction/Shaping in Hyderabad, IndiaBrachioplasty Surgeon in Hyderabad

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