Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad

Hair Transplantation Surgery in Hyderabad

Hair transplantation is aimed to offer viable solutions for the bald people. There is a continuous evolvement in this niche, and the hair transplantation in India offers the more advanced techniques, which are highly effective than the conventional methods. Akruti, the most experienced plastic surgeon center for getting Hair Transplantation Surgery in Hyderabad (India), provides incredible success rate for its clientele.


Before delving into the further details, we explore the basic aspects, alopecia and its effects.

Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad

About Hair Loss

Hair Loss or Alopecia is a scalp disorder, which shrinks down the hair follicles, and make the hair strands fall out. There are many reasons for this issue, including genes, hormones (testosterone converted to DHT), pollution, stress, scalp injuries, hypothyroidism, etc. They restrict the nutritional blood and oxygen flow to the hair follicles by creating blockages, and deprive the follicles with any kind of nutrition to survive.


The usual hair fallout per day is around 50 strands, while the people suffering with alopecia experience as high as 200 hair strands per day. And making this issue even worse, the growth phase is very slow, inhibiting any healthy hair growth to cover up the hair loss. Eventually, the follicles will shrink to miniature diameters, eradicating any chances for the hair to grow, and they lie dormant for years, before dying completely.


Hence, the affected persons lose the hair from the frontal and middle parts of the scalp, since these regions are highly susceptible to baldness, and in extreme conditions, the hair loss occurs even from the rear part of the scalp, or the hair there thins out very badly.

Symptoms of Hair Loss

Hair sheds off every day, but the amount of hair loss and the growth rate determines whether the condition is serious or not. Some common symptoms of severe hair loss are:


  • If you observe many hair strands on the pillow, when you wake up in the morning, then it is an obvious sign that you are going through severe hair loss.
  • When you lose more hair while combing, then it is a situation to look out for.
  • If you feel pain at the slightest pull of hair, and some of the hair strands fall down, then it is a sign that you are about to lose the hair.
  • Due to the increased hair loss, your hair line recedes, and you can observe slight bald patches at the temples.
  • Round bald patches may be observed at the top backside of the scalp.
  • In some people, hair loss starts over the entire scalp, and instead of any bald patches, the hair thins out, and you can actually see the scalp.


If you find out these symptoms, then it is best to proceed for hair transplantation right away, as it can help you regain the hair perfectly.

Role of Hair Transplantation

There was no effective treatment for hair loss, till the hair transplantation method was introduced. This treatment relies on the distribution of the hair follicles from the donor regions, where some hair is present, over the bald regions. It makes the hair regrow at these sites. The treatment is a tremendous success, and in fact, it is still the only effective remedy for the hair loss.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad ( Member of Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons,India)

The numerous benefits of hair transplantation have led many people to opt for this surgery, and they have experienced phenomenal results.

  • There are almost no bald spots after the surgery. If you have enough healthy follicles, then they are used to cover the entire scalp with hair.
  • Even in the case of severe baldness, tremendous prognosis is obtained by hair transplantation.
  • The hair follicles are spread evenly over the scalp, which develops neat looking hair.
  • The process in non-invasive, so there is no need for the clients to worry about the side effects of the surgery.
  • Due to the use of advanced technologies in the local hospitals, like Akruti, there is no need for the clients to go beyond Hyderabad for getting hair transplantation. In fact, people from other countries visit Akruti due to the excellent results of the surgeries conducted by us, and the availability of world class equipment and amenities at our medical facility.

Hair Transplant Procedure in Hyderabad

There are two types of hair transplantation procedures, the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

FUT Technique

In this method, a tissue strip with hair follicles is removed from the back of the scalp, and the follicles are then separated carefully. These dissected follicles are then transplanted at the bald regions. In some months, new hair grows from these follicles.

FUE Technique

FUE means the extraction of individual follicular units. The hair follicles from the donor regions are extracted carefully, and they are planted at the bald spots. Follicles with multiple hair strands are preferred for this purpose, and they are used at the regions where the hair density should be good. This technique requires some months to display the results.

hair transplant procedure

Difference between the FUT and FUE techniques

FUT is an invasive method, which involves the removal of a skin tissue strip from the backside of the head. The wound is sutured to heal, but it is painful for some days, and the incision mark is prominent even after the healing process. Also, during the dissection of hair follicle tissue, some individual follicles are damaged in the process.


FUE is the latest technique, which does not pose any pain for the operated people. The individual hair follicles are extracted, so there is no need for any incisions. This technique is also effective than the FUT, since there is no damage to the hair follicles, as there is no need of dissection, and the available follicles for transplantation are more, covering a whole lot of bald region.


Also, the cost varies for these hair transplantation techniques. The price for FUT is Rs. 45/- or 0.7$ per graft, and the cost of FUE is Rs. 70/- or 1.10$ per graft.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad, India

Innovative, advanced and effective techniques are being used in the cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals in India, particularly at Akruti in Hyderabad. Due to this trait, the results are exceptional. Also, you can plan a holiday visit to Hyderabad along with the purpose of hair transplantation. The metropolitan city has a lot to offer for the tourists, be it the exciting city life and the rich cultural heritage. There are many exciting places to visit, and you will appreciate every bit of details of them. So, you can get excellent hair transplantation surgery at Akruti, in Hyderabad, India, for highly affordable prices.


Hair transplantation is a very effective process, featuring high success rates. Browse through the sub sections to know more about the two hair transplant methods.

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