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  • Cheeks Surgery

    Grafting for Hollow Cheeks


    Cheeks are the pinky parts adding that extra beautiful feature to the face. Full cheeks with high cheek bone is just something that make everyone to have a second look, wherein flat cheeks leave one’s appearance aged and so thin.
    Cheek Augmentation or ‘Grafting for Hollow Cheeks’ is a non-surgical procedure that involves augmenting or re-shaping the cheeks with dermal fillers. Dermal fillers add volume to cheeks and give fullness to the skin. They help shaping the cheeks that match to the face proportion and give the face a complete rejuvenation.

    Those who have low profile cheeks and to give their face a fullness for a good look & appeal, Cheek Augmentation is the right choice. Surgeons at Akruti hospital do flawless Grafting for Hollow Cheeks Surgery in Hyderabad. On the other hand, Cheek Reduction is one another special cosmetic surgical procedure for those who have hanging cheeks leaving aged appearance than their normal appearance.Click Here to know more about Cheeks Reduction Surgery.


    Any healthy individual can undergo Dimple Creation Surgery. However, those who demonstrate below-appending factors are the eligible candidates to undergo the procedure.

    • Low profile cheek bones
    • Thin cheeks or weak cheeks
    • Hollow cheeks
    • Damaged Cheek bones by means of any accident/injuries/trauma
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    • Know About Anesthesia:

    Even though, if it is a non-surgical method, during the procedure a local anesthesia or a general anesthetic will be given for patients’ comfort.

    • Procedure Technique & Time For Surgery:

    The procedure involves injection (a fine blunt-tipped cannula) of derma fillers, which is the substance taken from the patients’ body itself. Such fillers require less time to get absorbed, added to that results being provided by such fillers are quite reversible.The procedure involves only 30 to 45 minutes of time. Through this procedure, you can enjoy heightened cheekbones, repair the under-developed cheeks, get facial fullness and your overall facial profile is improved.

    • Grafting for Hollow Cheeks Surgery Cost in Hyderabad:


    Grafting for Hollow Cheeks Surgery is an affordable cosmetic procedure and the cost will differ depend upon the requirement that you go either on one cheek or both the cheeks. This procedure at Akruti Hospital costs around INR 00,000/- approximately.


    • Grafting for Hollow Cheeks Surgeon in Hyderabad:


    The Chief Surgeon will examine your skin type around the cheeks area, the elasticity, thickness of the facial skin, the bones and the soft tissues in the deep layer, to assess in the initial consultation prior to the surgery.

    Akruti’s Cheek Augmentation Surgeon with more than decades of year experience gives you a desired-result what you indeed expect through this procedure.

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    It is a Day Care procedure, wherein once you come out of anesthesia you can go home. However, there are certain restrictions for you. You should not drink warm fluids or hot meals for about 24 hours. Don’t get tensed, your Surgeon will give you a complete post-op care.


    You require 5 days of complete rest, post that you can go back to your regular yet light duties only. You will have swelling, which will last for about 2 weeks; you can reduce/manage the swelling by head elevation.

    Added to that, your sutures are dissolvable hence require no removal procedure.

    You have to go for post-op consultation after a week. Upon your requirement, Cheek Augmentation at Akruti hospital is done through either ‘Soft Touch Treatment’ or ‘Surgical Procedure’.
    Akruti’s ‘Grafting for Hollow Cheeks Surgery in Hyderabad’ with the best Cheek Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad who has years of experience gets you the best-desired results.


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