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  • Chin Augmentation


    Chin is one of the most important facial features that add physical expression. Either men or women, when aging, facial skin loses its elasticity, become sag along with shrinking of soft tissues and inner bones. It happens commonly across the mid-face where youthful fat pad migrated downwards cause flattening and the became ‘hollow’ giving aged appearance than your normal appearance.
    Chin Augmentation or ‘genioplasty’ helps strengthening the face profile by enhancing the chin area. It also helps enhancing the jaw area leaving positive impact until nose area. Medically, there are two different types to augment the chin – surgical and non-surgical.
    If anyone would like to have significant changes over the chin area, surgical chin augmentation is the right choice. Otherwise non-surgical chin augmentation is good to go. Surgeons at Akruti hospital do flawless Chin Augmentation Surgery in Hyderabad.


    Any healthy individual can undergo Dimple Creation Surgery. However, those who demonstrate below-appending factors are the eligible candidates to undergo the procedure.

    • Small or weak chin
    • Double-chin appearance
    • Chin deformities by birth or by any accident/injuries/trauma


    Know About Anesthesia:
    Even though, if it is a non-surgical method, during the procedure a local anesthesia or a general anesthetic will be given for patients’ comfort.

    Procedure Technique & Time For Surgery:
    The procedure involves soft silicone implantation to achieve ‘haemostasis by removing the extra tissues and bones. The greater time requires avoiding the nerves to the lower lip, which is exactly close to the operative area. The external route sutures might be visible (can be cured with the help of derma gels) and transoral route will have dissolving sutures, however your chin will be supported with required dressing.

    The procedure takes minimum 90 minutes. Through this procedure, the projection of the chin can be either increased or decreased. The jawline can be defined with perfect shape to have a beautiful chin. Added to that, a prominent nose shape can be reduced.


    Chin Augmentation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad:

    Chin Augmentation is an affordable cosmetic procedure and the cost will differ depend upon the requirement that you go either surgical or non-surgical procedure. This procedure at Akruti Hospital costs around INR 00,000/- approximately.

    Chin Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad:

    The Chief Surgeon will examine your skin type around the chin area, the elasticity, thickness of the facial skin, the bones and the soft tissues in the deep layer, to assess in the initial consultation prior to the surgery.

    Akruti’s Chin Augmentation Surgeon with more than decades of year experience gives you a desired-result what you indeed expect through this procedure.



    It is a Day Care procedure, wherein once you come out of anesthesia you can go home. However, there are certain restrictions for you. You should not drink warm fluids or hot meals for about 24 hours. Don’t get tensed, your Surgeon will give you a complete post-op care.


    You require 5 days of complete rest, post that you can be back to regular yet light duties only. You will have swelling, which will last for about 2 weeks, don’t be panic. Added to that, your sutures are dissolvable hence require no removal procedure.

    You have to go for post-op consultation after a week. Since chin augmentation at Akruti hospital is done by clinical setting by injecting either semi-permanent or permanent filler, you can enjoy the enhancement long-lasting.

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