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Strip Technique Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE Hair Transplantation in Hyderabad

Hair Transplantation Surgery in Hyderabad :-

Strip Technique Hair Transplant in Hyderabad, India


Baldness can lend you an aged appearance, unattractive face, undesirable profile and what not! In a world where people judge by your looks, a bald head can incite unprecedented damage to your self-image.

To restore the grandeur, you have to get the hair back, and there is only one way for that, the hair transplantation. The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the most effective form of hair transplantation, where a strip of hair follicles are removed by making incisions at the scalp’s back, and they are transplanted carefully at the bald region.

So, what do you get from this surgery? The scalp full of hair, which is even throughout, and dense.


FUT Benefits :

There are a lot of benefits to talk about.


  • Regrows hair in the bald region
    Obviously, it is the first benefit you would be looking for, and the strip technique is very good at that. Your bald region is covered with hair in 3-6 months.
  • Dense hair
    Not only does it help to cover the bald spots, it also makes the hair in the region to grow denser.
  • Even spread out
    The transplantation is done evenly, so that the hair density is same throughout the scalp. No more bald patches in the middle of dense hair.
  • Attractive once again
    After you lost the charm by losing hair, you can regain the attractiveness by getting the FUT hair transplantation. The beautiful hair makes you desirable once again.
  • Makes you younger
    You might got tired of the negative comments about your age, even though you are much younger than that. Now its time to reflect the youthfulness in your face.
  • Enhances your confidence
    Your confidence gains ground due to the younger appearance, and you will be able to participate in any activity without thinking too much.


Hair Transplant Strip Technique Procedure


Surgery time:  2 to 10 hours
Hospital stay:  You will be discharged immediately
Cost:  45 INR per graft

You are operated by providing local anesthesia to the scalp, and incisions are made at the back side of the region. A strip of tissue with hair follicles is extracted, and it is stored in chilled saline for the further use. The wound at the tissue removal is then sutured to promote healing.

The hair tissue strip is then grafted by using powerful microscopes and very sharp surgical knives. The individual follicles or grafts are dissected carefully from the strip, so that they are not damaged during the process.

Minor incisions are made evenly at your bald regions, and the follicles are placed in them. The incisions are closed then, and the operated area needs some time to heal.
The hair goes into resting phase at this stage, and it needs a minimum of 3 months to enter the growth stage. So, you can observe hair growth in the operated regions in 3 to 6 months.  


The total cost of FUT hair transplantation depends on the number of grafts to be transplanted. We calculate the graft quantity you would require, and multiply it with the cost of each graft, i.e. 45 INR.


Follicular Unit Transplantation Recovery Time


You can attend to your regular work schedule within 5 days. However, small scabs are formed around the grafts within 24 hours. And they shed off themselves within 7 days. You can observe the growth of new hair in 6 to 15 weeks after the surgery.

FUT/ Strip Limitations

There are no after effects at all for this surgery. Some minor symptoms which may show up are


  • Skin irritation
  • Scalp numbness


FAQs on Strip method hair transplantation


  • Am I good for the FUT?
    Almost everyone is good for FUT. Like any other surgery, maintain good general health to avoid any complications during the surgery.
  • On which factors does the surgery results depend?
    Surgery results are directly related to the “Supply and Demand”. Supply means the availability of hair follicles to transplant, and demand is the need of hair follicles to cover the bald region.
  • Do you provide any expected results before the surgery?
    Yes. We do a preliminary analysis, and calculate the follicle requirements. We can conclude on the expected results by taking the number of grafts required into account.
  • Do I feel pain during the surgery?
    You are locally sedated. So there is no pain during the surgery.
  • Are there any special diet requirements after the surgery?
    There are no diet restrictions.
  • Can I shampoo my hair?
    You can shampoo after 24 hours of the surgery completion.
  • Can I dye or color my hair?
    You can do that after four weeks .
  • Any other care to be taken after FUT?
    Do not participate in sex for 30 days after the procedure.
  • Does my new hair remain permanently?
    Yes, your new hair remains permanently, unless until any physical damage is caused to it.

Hair Transplantation FUT Surgeon in Hyderabad

Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao has the experience of conducting FUT hair transplantation for thousands of clients. His expertise had made the clients enjoy their desired results.  

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Hair Transplantation Surgery in HyderabadHair Transplantation FUT Surgeon in Hyderabad