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  • Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breasts look beautiful and there are no two ways about that. Women with fuller breasts can cast a mesmerizing effect, and they truly deserve the compliments. But what if the breasts are bigger than that? They look humongous, pendulous shaped and they sag till the upper abdomen. And what more? They are ugly.

    If you are facing this situation, then we can understand your pain. You might be suffering from neck, shoulder and back pain due to the heavy weight of the breasts. These big lumps might have hampered your daily activities, especially if you are athletic. And those nasty stares and horrible comments might have lowered your confidence as well.

    So, we can help you in coping up with this condition by offering Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty surgery. Your breast size is decreased and we shape them to look beautiful.

    Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure Type: Surgical

    breast reduction surgery in hyderabad india


    You can experience a number of benefits, which are crucial in improving the quality of your life.


    • Good appearance
      Since the extra-large breasts are turned to a beautiful size, your appearance will improve by multiple folds. There are no more ugly stares and bad comments in your life. In fact, the beautifully shaped breasts can earn you a lot of compliments.
    • Reduced burden
      The larger breasts are very heavy in weight and they pose unnecessary strain on the spine. So, this weight is responsible for the neck, back and shoulder pain you are experiencing. Breast Reduction surgery lowers the breast weight and the burden is reduced on the back bone.
    • Swift movements
      Due to the reduction in breast size, you feel lighter and you can move swiftly. Large breasts are always a barrier in doing the regular activities and they can make you tiresome quickly. Breast reduction can improve your stamina as well because there is no need to support the weight of the heavy lumps.
    • Relief for asthma patients
      Breathing is problematic for asthma patients and heavy breasts increase this suffocation. Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty can lower the breast size and alleviate the suffocation in asthma sufferers.
    • Saves you from the bra straps
      Bras snug tightly to the large breasts and deep rashes are formed beneath the straps. They are painful and the skin gets irritated. You may have also faced breathing problems when the bras are very tight. By getting a breast reduction, you are safe from these issues forever.
    • More clothing options
      Due to the ultra large breasts, you might have avoided some dresses, like tight fits, tees and so on. Getting rid of the heavy breast can improve your clothing options too, as you look gorgeous in any kind of dress.
    • No more low confidence
      Due to the good physical appearance, your confidence improves very much after the surgery. This confidence is crucial for getting many successes in the future.


    Surgery time:  3 to 6 hours
    Hospital stay: 1 night stay in hospital and 4 days rest at home
    Cost:   85,000 to 1,10,000 INR

    You are sedated and your breasts are incised to remove the fat, skin and the glandular tissue. The incision is placed around the areola or it is extended vertically down, like a keyhole or the incision is still extended along the breast crease in the shape of an anchor. These incisions are made according to your body shape and requirements.

    The excess fat cells or gland tissue are then removed to shape up the breasts neatly. The extra skin is also taken off and sutured to make the skin smooth. For very large breasts, the areola and nipples are moved to a higher position to make them look youthful.

    Drain tubes are placed to drain the small amounts of excess blood and fluid accumulated in the region. The incisions are then closed by the sutures and bandages are applied to them.


    Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Cost of breast reduction surgery at Akruti Plastic Surgery hospital in Hyderabad( India) lies between 85,000-1,10,000. The exact cost of the breast reduction surgery depends on the size of the breasts and the required results. The exact cost is decided only after evaluating you at our hospital.

    Recovery Time

    You need 2 weeks to recover completely. You can get back to the job by then, but you may need some more time if high physical stress is involved in your workplace.


    The limitations are very less and they are absolutely curable within a short time span.


    • Swelling
    • Temporary numbness
    • Pain
    • Fluid accumulation

    FAQs on breast reduction surgery

    1. My breast size is 52D. Can it be made normal?
    Yes indeed. Breast reduction surgery is offered for ladies like you who suffer from the extreme large breasts. We evaluate you and decrease the breast to a normal size.

    2.I have big breasts and they sag terribly, even the nipples. What are the improvements I can expect after the surgery?
    Your breast size is reduced, and the areola and nipples are repositioned since they have sagged too much. Since they are repositioned at a higher spot, the nipples look absolutely youthful.

    3.My breasts are 44H sized and the area around the nipples is very big. I want to reduce my breast size as well as the dark region around the nipples.
    It is absolutely possible to decrease the dark region. That part is known as Areola, and it is decreased by incising and removing the extra skin, and suturing the remaining Areola. Due to this process, the areola size is reduced and the nipples are positioned rightly.

    4.Are there any potential dangers of this surgery?
    It is just a cosmetic surgery for making the breasts beautiful. So, there are no potential dangers.

    5.Why should I refrain from sex after the surgery?
    Sexual arousal increases the blood flow to the breasts and makes them large in size. Due to the gush of blood, the tender breasts experience severe pain. So, you should refrain from sex for at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

    6.Heard that scar marks are predominant after the surgery. Is it true?
    We do our best to conceal the scar marks by making incisions at areola and breast crease. We also offer special regime to decrease the scar marks. By following this regime, you can be free from any predominant scars. But, small marks are prone to visible for some more months.

    Breast Reduction Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Get the breast reduction done only at the most experienced doctor in Hyderabad, Mr. Ram Bhupal Rao. He is widely known for his charming hand in 3000+ breast reduction cases and reputed as one of the finest breast surgeon in India.

    Why Akruti?

    Akruti has the finest of medical staff and excellent medical equipment. You can knock our door for getting the best world class treatment for breast reduction.

    Akruti did a fabulous job in making my breasts normal. Otherwise, I was fed up with the 44 size sagged mass. By the way, my breast was toned down to 36. It looks fuller and good now.

    –by Mythili Sharma

    The doctors are very talented and they can predict the results accurately even before the commencement of surgery. Salute their excellency for making me normal.

    -by A.Vani



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    Breast Reduction Surgery in HyderabadBreast Reduction Surgery in Hyderabad

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