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  • Breast Lift in Hyderabad

    Breast Lift surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

    “Curve”, the most popular representation in many aspects, like Mathematics and Physics, is an important shape in the human anatomy, especially in women. Curves define the very beauty of the ladies, and the most beautiful curves represent the adorable femininity, the breasts.


    And you sense a problem when these beautiful curves are not exactly “curves” anymore. Your breasts can droop for various reasons, lose the shape and turn into an ugly lump, losing all the charm of the curve. To restore the grandeur, you need to get a “Breast Lift”.

    Breast lift is a cosmetic surgery performed to shape the breasts and turn them into beautiful curves. Your breast tissues are lifted up to reduce the sag and the additional skin is sutured to make the breasts look smooth.

    Get the breast lift done at Hyderabad, India for enjoying effective results.


    Benefits of breast lift surgery

    This innovative surgery has many benefits to offer you. Incredible changes in cosmetic and psychological aspects are reflected right after the surgery.


    • Uplifted breasts

    Breasts are contoured nicely and they look firmer. Finally, you get the curvy breasts which you have dreamed of.


    • Contoured nipples

    You look more youthful when the nipples are reshaped by moving the areola to a higher position.


    • Dresses look great

    You can explore the flamboyant shade within you, as the beautifully contoured curves can compliment any kind of attire.


    • Enhancement of self confidence

    Due to the desirable profile, you feel more confident. Your improved self esteem can translate into a voracious social life.


    • Health improves

    Sagged breast can cause irritation under the breast crease. It can cause itching and pain, which are bothersome for you. By getting a breast lift, you are free from this issue.


    Breast Lift Procedure


    Surgery time: 3-4 hours
    Recovery: 5 days minimum (1 day in hospital and 4 days at home)
    Cost: Rs.75,000 – 95,000


    You are sedated and administered with anesthesia for a comfortable surgery. Your breasts are worked upon by making small surgical cuts or incisions on them. According to the size and shape of your breast, the respective incision is made. The underlying tissues are then lifted up and the extra skin is sutured to restore the elasticity. The incisions are then closed and you are asked to wear a supporting bra for some days.

    Breast Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    At Akruti Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Hyderabad, the basic cost of breast lift lies between 75,000 to 95,000. Price may vary depending on your breast size and the amount of sag. You can consult doctor at our hospital directly for more appropriate understanding of surgery and the cost. 


    Recovery Time

    You might need 4 to 6 weeks for recovery. Do not lift anything heavy in this period.



    There are minor limitations or side effects of this surgery. However, they are recoverable in a few days.


    • Pain
    • Tenderness or numbness
    • Swelling
    • Fluid accumulation


    FAQ on Breast Lifts


    • Does my breasts increase in size?

    Your breasts and nipples are uplifted to a higher position. So, they seem to be increased in size, but actually they are not. For size increase and good shape, you have to get breast augmentation and breast lift.


    • Can I ask the doctor for specific positioning of nipples?

    You can ask, but it is advisable to follow the doctor’s suggestions. The doctor will try to place them as you like, but if that is not possible for any reason, then he might suggest other options.


    • My areola is quite big. Can breast lift change that?

    Yes. The skin at your areola is incised and sutured for decreasing the size of it and improving the texture.


    • Do the operative scars stay permanently on my breast?

    The incisions and sutures are made carefully so that no scars are visible after the surgery. They are cleverly tucked under the breast creases or in the areola region. Inspite of the care taken, small temporary scars may be visible on the breast. They do subside in a month.


    • Do my breasts sag again in future?

    Breast lift is done to change the present shape of your breasts and make them look exciting. However, due to various reasons, your breasts may sag in the future. The main reasons for this condition are breastfeeding, drastical changes in the body weight and the gravitational force, which pulls the breast downwards and make them sag over time.


    • Are there any compliations in this surgery?

    This is a cosmetic surgery and it is supposed to have no serious complications. But an inexperienced plastic surgeon may perform wrong procedure and cause irreparable damages, like permanent loss of sensation in the breasts. So, getting the breast lift done at a famous hospital, which has experienced doctors and advanced equipment is crucial.


    • Can I take any other medicines during or after the surgery?

    You should inform the doctor about other medicines and the pre exisiting health condtions you have, particularly when you have to take the medicines which increase the blood flow.


    • From when can I start working?

    You can start working right after the wound is healed. But, you have to avoid lifting heavy weights for some months.

    Breast Lift Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the known surgeon for getting a breast lift surgery in Hyderabad. You can contact him at Akruti hospital in JNTU to Hi-tech City road, KPHB, Hyderabad.


    Why Akruti?

    Akruti is the most advanced hospital for plastic surgery. The highly qualified doctors and cutting edge medical equipment can make sure that the client receives the best treatment.

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