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    Cosmetic Surgery Costs in India

    When you step into the market for getting a cosmetic surgery, the first thing you would observe is the wide difference in rates even for the same procedure. And before you think that, “How on earth is it even possible?”, we suggest you to know about the factors leading to this trend.

    Doctor’s Expertise

    The famous plastic surgeons, who have dealt with thousands of cases and feature years of experience, always charge premium fee, owing to their expertise. Even though the rates are marginally high than the newer facilities on the block, the veteran doctors provide secured treatments, which pose zero risk to the clientele. The new plastic surgery hospitals might charge a low fee, but they fall short on expertise when compared to the doctors with years of experience, and it might even reflect in the treatments, posing certain amount of risk factor. Hence it is recommended to get the cosmetic surgery from the veteran and experienced doctors, like Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti in Hyderabad (India), even though the rates are marginally higher.

    Cosmetic Surgery Costs in India
    Facilities at the Medical Center

    Akruti, the largest cosmetic surgery hospital, provides many amenities for the clients, and charge accordingly. So, the clients are charged with competitive prices, but the facilities provided do justice for each and every penny you pay.

    Additional Procedures

    Sometimes, you have to be offered with additional procedures than the proposed cosmetic surgery. For instance, people undergoing tummy tuck might need liposuction , according to the nature of the case. Such extra cosmetic surgeries attract more rates than the proposed rate for the particular plastic surgery procedure.  

    Special Features

    Some hospitals provide special features, to assist the cosmetic surgeries, and improve the effectiveness of these procedures. For example, the FUE procedure of hair transplant surgery is also assisted with the neograft system, to extract the follicles and transplant them accurately and quickly. These features might attract more fee, but well worth considering the improved efficiency of the treatments than the traditional ways.


    All these factors can bring variations in the rates of each cosmetic surgery, and the smart thing to do is, hire the services of the talented, successful and the most experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti, irrespective of the marginal difference in the costs involved.


    Cosmetic SurgeryCosts in INRTimeCosts in Dollars
    Male Breast Reduction(Gynecomastia)40,000-75,0001-3 hrs700 -1000 $
    Breast Augmentation1,25,000 - 1,50,0003-4 hrs1600 - 2000 $
    Breast Reduction1,00,000 - 1,75,0003-6 hrs1300 - 2200 $
    Breast Lift1,20,000-1,50,0003-4 hrs1150 - 1460 $
    Vaser Liposuction70,000-2,50,0002-6 hrs1075 - 3850 $
    Traditional Liposuction50,000-1,50,0002-6 hrs770 - 2300 $
    Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)1,50,000 - 2,50,0003-6 hrs2000 - 3850 $
    Brachioplasty1,20,000 - 1,70,0002-4 hrs1900 - 2150 $
    Thigh Lift85,000-1,40,0003-6 hrs1300 - 2150 $
    FUE Hair TransplantRs 50 - 70/- Per Graft2-10 hrs1.10 $ per Graft
    Face Lift1,00,000 - 2,50,0003-6 hrs1300 - 3850 $
    Lip AugmentationRs 40,000-Rs 50,0002-4 hrs615 - 770 $
    Lip ReductionRs 35,000-Rs 65,0002-4 hrs540 - 1000 $
    Dimple Creation1 Dimple - 30,000

    2 Dimple - 50,000
    1-2 hrs
    380 $

    770 $
    Rhinoplasty( Nose Surgery)1,00,000 - 2,00,0001-8 hrs1300 - 2500 $
    Hymenoplasty50,000 - 70,0001-3 hrs770 - 1075 $
    Vaginoplasty60,000 - 1,00,0001-3 hrs925 - 1300 $
    Ear PiercingRs 25005-10 Minutes39$
    Otoplasty (Cosmetic Ear Surgery)60,000 - 1,00,0002-4 hrs1000 - 1300 $
    PRP5000/- Per Session2-4 hrs80 $

    # Cost Updated as of 2022

    The pricing includes surgeon fee, Anesthetist Fee, Room Charges, Hospital Charges,Compression Garment and Implants ( If necessary).

    The post operative medicines can range from Rs 500 to Rs 3500 depending upon the duration of the prescribed antibiotics and pain killers.

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