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  • Breast Asymmetry in Hyderabad

    Breast Asymmetry in Hyderabad, India

    Breast Asymmetry in Hyderabad

    Do you know that your breasts are different in size? One breast is big and the other one is smaller in comparison? If you found out that, then you have to know about “Breast Asymmetry” in detail.

    Your breasts are unequal in size for unknown reasons. While a small difference in the sizes is absolutely acceptable, any notable asymmetry is a cause of concern. So, how can you find out if the variation is prominent? The best way is to look yourself in the mirror, and if you are able to spot the inequality quickly, then the condition is far from normal. You need to get a breast asymmetry correction surgery right away.

    This surgery rectifies the asymmetry and makes your breasts look normal. For correcting the asymmetry, the smaller breast is made big or the bigger breast is decreased to a smaller size or different implants are used for both the breasts. So, you get nice looking and equally sized breasts after the surgery.




    A plethora of benefits are associated with the breast asymmetry correction surgery.


    • Physical symmetry
      Your body looks symmetrical after the surgery. It looks nice and you will be overwhelmed with the new look.
    • Wardrobe wonder
      The dresses which you have avoided till now to cover up the size difference, will look great after the asymmetry correction. So, you can make your wardrobe wonderful by stacking up various collections.
    • Comfy bras
      Bras snug nicely to the body and they are comfortable. No more discomfort due to the different sizes of the breasts.
    • Psychological strength
      Improvement in the body shape can make you psychologically strong. Bid bye to the mental agony caused by the unequal breast size.


    Breast Asymmetry Surgery Procedure


    Your breast sizes are corrected by using breast augmentation or breast reduction. Your smaller breast is augmented to make it large and suit the other breast. If one breast is very large than the other, then breast reduction is used to decrease its size and make it normal. Alternatively, breast augmentation is done for both the breasts by using implants of different sizes to make them equally sized.

    You are incised when you are under the influence of anesthesia. The incisions are made on the areola and nipples. The excess gland is removed for breast reduction, or the implants are used for breast augmentation. After making the breasts similar in size, the incisions are closed by sutures. Bandages are wrapped in the region to promote healing.


    Surgery Time: 1-3 hours



    Cost of breast asymmetry correction depends on your requirements. So the exact price is decided after the pre-analysis.


    Recovery Time

    You might need 3-4 weeks to recover completely. However, you can start attending the job after the 2nd week itself. But don’t try to lift any heavy weight till you are perfectly fit.



    The limitations are very less to speak about and they subside within 10 days. Here is the list.


    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Pain
    • Temporary loss of sensation


    FAQs on breast asymmetry surgery


    1.I think my breasts are asymmetrical. Should I receive a correction surgery?
    Every woman’s breasts are asymmetrical to some extent. Surgery is only recommended if the difference is prominent. Step into our hospital and get an analysis to know if you need the asymmetrical breast correction surgery.


    2. Is it necessary to operate on my other breast too?
    It depends on the condition. If the two breasts are different in textures after the surgery, then you might need cosmetic surgery for the normal breast too. However, it is really based on the client’s body texture.


    3. Are my breasts made bigger or smaller to correct the asymmetry?
    Your breasts can be made bigger or smaller to achieve symmetry. The doctor chooses the technique according to your body shape, and proceeds with it to get the optimum results.


    4.Heard about some alternatives to the surgery, are they really effective?
    They are not effective at all, and the worst thing is, the companies selling these products display wrong information about the ingredients. A drug’s formula should be balanced, so that there are no adverse effects on using it. The scam products take this basic principle for toss and create chemical combinations which are not at all checked for safety. That’s why, these products have no recognition from the famous health statutory bodies.


    5.How many asymmetry reduction surgeries have Akruti performed till now?
    Akruti has performed more than 2000 breast asymmetry reduction surgeries.


    6. Can I see some photos to know about your work?
    Yes, absolutely. But they are provided only on personal request. The reason is we should maintain the confidentiality of our clients strictly. So, if you want to see some photos, then come on to our office and we will be more than happy to oblige your request.

    Breast Asymmetry Surgeon in Hyderabad

    For breast asymmetry, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the expert surgeon in Hyderabad (India). Previous clients respect him till this date for the very reason.


    Why at Akruti?

    Akruti’s globally touted medical team is very successful in correcting even the trickiest of breast asymmetry cases. They can provide precise solution to your problem.

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    Breast Asymmetry in Hyderabad, IndiaBreast Asymmetry Surgeon in Hyderabad

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