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  • Breast Surgery

    Breast Surgery in Hyderabad

    Women might need different types of breast surgeries to correct various issues. These surgeries are conducted by the certified plastic surgeons, who have impeccable medical facilities at their disposal.


    Akruti is the famous plastic and cosmetic surgery hospital in Hyderabad and it offers various services to the clients. Breast surgeries are offered at their advanced medical facility with the assistance of the experienced doctors, like Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao.

    The breast surgeries offered by Akruti are


    From increasing to reducing the breast size, we are experts in all techniques. Other critical surgeries are also performed with great affinity and it is our desire to see you happy when you step out of the hospital.

    Breast Surgeon in Hyderabad

    Hyderabad has numerous plastic surgery hospitals, and it can confuse the clients when they are looking for the top hospitals which provide breast surgeries. Well, the answer is simple, look into the experience of the doctor and reviews about the hospital. After the preliminary analysis, you can visit the doctor’s office to see the infrastructure in person, and assess the doctor’s expertise. Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti is the famous breast surgeon in Hyderabad(India), and you can meet him at the medical facility situated near the JNTUH University, to talk about the surgery you are planning to get.

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