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  • Dimple Creation Surgery

    Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

    Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

    Do you like the mesmerizing facial features? Of course, you do. And what if we say the cheek or chin dimples are captivating of the lot? You would agree if you love the facial dimples. So, what’s interesting? You can get the dimples now even when you don’t have them during the birth.


    Dimple creation surgery can make your wish of getting dimples fulfill. You can decide the size and position of the dimples, and we craft them according to your requirements.



    By getting this surgery, you can experience the following benefits.


    Mental satisfaction
    Many people admire the dimples and develop a strong desire to have them. After getting these dimples, they feel a sense of accomplishment and mental satisfaction.

    Beautiful face
    Dimples bring additional beauty to the face, and by getting this surgery, you look more beautiful than before.

    Easy process
    The dimple creation process is fairly simple and does not need you to get through the complex and risky conditions.

    No complications
    Any surgery comes with a set of complications, except dimple creation surgery. There are no possible complications at all.

    Very quick surgery
    This operation takes around 20 to 30 minutes to complete, making it the quickest of the surgeries.

    Almost zero downtime
    After the dimple creation, you can start working immediately and do normal activities. There is no need for any rest after the operation.




    Surgery time:  20 minutes to
    1 hour

    Hospital Stay: 
    Immediate discharge

    Cost:  For 1 dimple:  20,000 INR
    For 2 dimples:  40,000 INR

    Natural dimples are formed due to a fault in the musculature of the cheek. The skin above this region is stuck to the inner tissue and it indents due to the muscle contraction while smiling.

    This phenomenon is achieved by using a punch biopsy in the surgery. This instrument is placed at the inner cheek and operated in circular motions to remove the various tissue layers. A hollow space is formed and the skin above it dimples. The incisions are then closed by the absorbable sutures.

    The skin dimpling prevails throughout the day for 1-2 weeks even when you are not smiling. Internal scarring occurs during this period and the muscle is connected to the skin. So, after the recovery, the dimples appear only when you smile. This job is carried out so perfectly that everybody presumes your dimples to be natural.

    Dimple Creation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

    Dimple creation costs according to your requirement. The usual price is 20,000 to 40,000 INR. For the exact price, please drop in a query at our hospital.  



    While you can attend the job right after the surgery itself, the complete recovery takes around 1-2 weeks.


    There are no limitations at all. But some of these minor side effects may appear.


    • Pain
    • Swelling
    • Dimpling unnecessarily


    • I like to get dimples. Am I suitable for the surgery?

    This is a minor surgery, and almost everyone is suitable for it.


    • Do the dimples look natural?

    Sure. The phenomenon used for creating these dimples is same as that of the natural ones.


    • Are the results permanent?

    Yes indeed. The dimples are created by removing the inner cheek tissues to form a hollow space. So, the results are permanent.


    • Can I select the dimple position?

    You can select the dimple position, size and shape.


    • How many days should I take leave from the office?

    You can attend the job right after the completion of the surgery. Hence, there is no need to take leave from the office, except for the permission for a couple of hours.


    • I am having fat cheeks. Am I good for dimple creation?

    For pronounced dimples, or dimple creation in fat cheeks, we use a larger punch biopsy machine.


    • What should I eat after the surgery?

    You can eat and drink anything. There are absolutely no restrictions regarding the diet.


    • What care should I take post-surgery?

    Keep the oral health in good condition. Swish your mouth regularly with a good mouthwash.


    Dimple Creation Surgeon in Hyderabad

    The best dimple creation surgeon in Hyderabad, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao, can fabricate the dimples according to your requirements. He is the well-known doctor for providing utmost customer satisfaction to his clients.


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    Dimple Creation Surgery in HyderabadDimple Creation Surgeon in Hyderabad

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