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  • Breast Reconstruction surgery in Hyderabad

    Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad, India

    Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad

    Breasts are the most beautiful symbol of femininity, and women wish to have these well rounded assets for the lifetime. But what if the god forbids, and one or two of the breasts are removed due to cancer or any accident? The mental trauma of a woman in such a condition is unexplainable. She had these assets which made her look beautiful in any dress, and suddenly, they are gone! Forever!!

    But there is a technique to provide relief to such women, and that is “breast reconstruction”. This plastic surgery can construct the breast, which feels a lot more like real.

    Breast Reconstruction Surgery Procedure Type: Surgical

    Benefits of Surgery

    Obviously, reconstruction of breast is very beneficial to the sufferers, who are finding it difficult to cope with the life.


    • Improved physical appearance
      It is instrumental in making the physical appearance normal. Due to the replaced breast, women feel like they have gained their beauty again.
    • Dresses are not a pain anymore
      Women who have their breasts removed, suffer mentally due to the hollow space in the region, particularly when they are unable to wear the normal dresses anymore. To conceal the emptiness, they use very loose attire. But this condition can change permanently due to the breast reconstruction. After the surgery, they look quite normal, and so, they can wear the dress of their choice.
    • Public life turns so cool
      The main challenge faced by these ladies is psychological trauma due to the unfair public comments regarding the pitiful condition. They might even retract from the public life due to these issues. The regaining of breasts, due to the reconstruction, can improve their shape and make them participate in the public events actively.  
    • Boosted self confidence
      After the surgery, self-confidence raises from the low, and it builds so intensely that you can reach the gigantic heights in your life, which you have never thought about.



    You are kept unconscious during the surgery by administering with anesthesia. Flap method, a technique in which the fat, muscle and skin are taken from the other body parts, like abdomen, buttocks and thighs, is used to make a breast mound. The silicone gel implants are then introduced into the mounds and they are closed by sutures. The nipple and areola are then reconstructed by using various techniques.

    Surgery time: 2-6 hours
    Hospital Stay: 2 to 5 days
    Cost: 2,00,000 INR for one breast

    Flap Technique Picture:-

    Breast Reconstruction Flap Technique

     Implant Technique Picture:-

    breast reconstruction Implant Technique

    Breast Reconstruction Cost in Hyderabad

    At Akruti, the expected cost is 2,00,000 INR per breast. For the exact price, you can reach us at our hospital.

    Recovery Time

    You might need 6 to 8 weeks for complete recovery. Do not involve in any strenuous activities during this period.  


    The side effects are nothing major to think about. You might observe some swelling and pain at the operated region.

    FAQs on breast reconstruction surgery

    1.I heard about immediate and delayed reconstruction. What are they?
    In immediate reconstruction, your breast will be restored right after the mastectomy, whereas in delayed reconstruction, the surgery is done after you recover completely from the mastectomy.

    2.Am I suitable for breast reconstruction?
    Yes, you are. But you should get a pre-analysis to find out which technique is good for you. There are different “Flap” methods, and the best one is which suits you.

    3. I have to get chemotherapy, am I good to go with this surgery?
    We will schedule the surgery dates accordingly. A careful analysis is done to weigh the risks, and the surgery is carried out at an appropriate time,.

    4. Can I attend my job after few days?
    No. You have to take complete rest for 4 weeks. You can start working after that.

    5. What care should I take before the surgery?
    Keep your general health in good condition. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and nicotine. Inform the doctor about any health issues you are facing.

    6. What are the precautions to be taken after the reconstruction?
    There are some precautions to be followed after the surgery at any cost.


    1. Showering is the best option than taking bath. You should not swim during the recovery period.
    2. Do not stretch the arms unnecessarily, especially for reaching any object.
    3. Do not lift heavy weights or exercise strenuously. However, walk daily to speed up the recovery process.

    Breast Reconstruction Surgeon in Hyderabad

    The most experienced breast reconstruction surgeon in Hyderabad is Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao. He did perfect job in thousands of cases and the clients vouch by his expertise.

    Why have a surgery at Akruti?

    Akruti is a sophisticated medical facility in Hyderabad, which has advanced infrastructure for breast reconstruction. In fact, 3000+ cases have been successfully operated till now.

    Video showcasing Breast Reconstruction:

    I had my breast eliminated due to breast cancer in 2013. I got delayed breast reconstruction in 2015, and it is a big moment in my life. I born again, after 40 years of my existence, at Akruti.

    -by Laasya Kamineni

    Ram garu is the best doctor I ever interacted with. He understands the problem, motivates us, explains the present condition, provides details about the various procedures and suggests the best of them.

    -by Manthena Sravya Raju

    Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad, IndiaBreast Reconstruction Surgeon in Hyderabad

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