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  • Ear Surgery

    Ear Surgery in Hyderabad ( Otoplasty )

    Ear Surgery in Hyderabad (Otoplasty)

    Did you ever saw people with protruding, drooped, asymmetrical, bad shaped and extra-large sized ears? You might have observed a hurl of bad criticism thrown at these poor guys. So, what option do they have to avoid this disgrace? The answer is getting the “Ear Surgery in Hyderabad”.

    Ear correction surgery corrects the abnormalities of the ear structure and makes it normal. This surgery involves the removal of extra cartilage and skin to attain the desired results.


    Benefits of Otoplasty


    • Safe surgery
      The ear correction surgery is quite safe and there are no risks involved in it. So, you can get this surgery without any doubt.
    • Corrects a number of ear issues
      There are multiple cosmetic issues related to the ear, and this corrective surgery can treat them all. If you find anything abnormal with the ear structure, then just get this surgery to make it normal.
    • Saves you from the teasers
      Bad ears attract the criticizers, teasers, and what not!! It is especially prevalent in colleges and offices. The ear correction surgery can make you normal, and it saves you from the impending critic warriors.
    • Recharges your self-confidence
      Your confidence might have taken a big hit due to the unending negative criticism. This surgery can turn the tables for you and recharge your self-confidence.
    • Get back to work – now!
      You can get back to the work in less than 7 days, and concentrate on the job without any difficulty. Very quick recovery and low downtime indeed!!
    • Safeguards psychological and emotional interests
      You can find a positive outlook into the psychological and emotional aspects. The enhancement of your visual appearance is the reason under the hood.
    • Scars – not obvious!!
      Ear correction surgery changes the rule, “scars are the general productivity of surgeries”. Yes, the scars are not obvious at all.
    • Go natural
      You look quite natural with the correction surgery done for the ear. No more propaganda that cosmetic surgery turns you into a doll in the closet.
    • Portfolio for your ears!
      You can literally select the ears you want. Indeed, a portfolio!!




    Surgery time:  2-4 hours
    Hospital stay:  1-2 days

    There are three types of ear surgeries.

    1. Ear pinning
    2. Ear reduction
    3. Ear reconstruction


    Ear pinning

    This technique is used to correct the protruding ears. You are locally sedated, and incised at the back of the ear. The doctor gets an access to the cartilage through this incision. The cartilage structure is shaped by “Scoring” or “Sparing” techniques, and it is pinned towards the skull to make it proportionate with the head. The excess skin is trimmed and the incisions are closed by the non-removable sutures.


    Ear reduction

    This surgery aims to decrease the size of the ear and make it normal. The cartilage is decreased by shaping it up and the extra skin is removed to lend the smoothness.


    Ear reconstruction

    This method is for constructing the complete or a part of the ear. Some people have damaged ear structures due to the conditions like birth defects, accidents, etc. These people are offered with ear reconstruction surgery. The rib cartilage is used to develop the ear or its parts, and the skin grafts are used if necessary. This provides a natural appearance to the ear.

    Ear Surgery Cost in Hyderabad 

    The price of ear correction surgery is only decided after examining the person and determining the surgery procedure to be followed.



    The recovery time is 1-2 weeks. You can return to work after that. But the swelling completely subsides in 3 months.



    The minor limitations are


    • Swelling
    • Pain
    • Fluid accumulation


    FAQs about ear correction surgery


    • Can you provide service for all kinds of ear issues?
      We provide the medical service for all types of cosmetic issues related to the ear.
    • What are the requirements of this surgery?
      You need to be in good physical condition for this surgery. Issues like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. should be kept under control. Also, you should have realistic expectations before the operation.
    • How do you know if I am eligible for the ear correction?
      We conduct a preliminary medical evaluation, and the results will help us in deciding if you are eligible or not.
    • Can you make me look extraordinary?
      We make your ears look good and proportionate to the face. Any expectations higher than this are impervious dreams.
    • My ear lobes are horrid. Can you change them?
      The ear lobes are shaped up to make them suit your ear shape.
    • I have cat’s ear. Can I expect any improvement due to the ear correction?
      Ear correction can solve your problem. Not a mere improvement, but you can get rid of this issue completely.
    • Do you have the expertise to complete the ear correction surgery successfully?
      Our expertise in ear correction spans over 3,500 surgeries.

    Ear Surgeon in Hyderabad

    With loads of expertise, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the best ear correction surgeon in Hyderabad.

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    Ear Surgery in Hyderabad ( Otoplasty )Ear Surgeon in Hyderabad

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