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  • Vitiligo surgery in Hyderabad

    Vitiligo Surgery in Hyderabad 

    The Cosmetic surgical procedure is a therapeutic area of expertise which deals with restitution and healing of disfigurement or hereditary defects of the body. The synthetic surgery is also one of the unsurpassed options for the patients tormenting from Vitiligo. Vitiligo (White Patches) is a pigmentation anarchy which leads to creating noticeable patches on the skin in different parts of the body. The de-pigmentation on the skin is mainly found on the sun- exposed organs of the body.



    Types of Vitiligo Surgery: There are various types of Vitiligo surgeries for treating the disease. The choice of therapy depends on the number of white patches: their patches, location, sizes and how widespread they are. The Vitiligo Plastic Surgery is consists of the following types:

    Vitiligo treatment in Hyderabad 

    Autologous Skin Grafts: This procedure of Cosmetic Vitiligo surgery includes removing the skin from the unaffected part of the body and attaching it to the visible patches. In the process the surgeon removes section of the normally pigmented skin and places it on the depigmented areas resulting into better appearance of the skin.



    Skin Grafts Using Blisters: In the procedure the surgeon creates blisters on the pigmented skin by using heat, suction, or freezing it cold. The top of the blisters are thereafter cut out and is transplanted to a depigmented skin area.

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