Tollywood Celebrities Liposuction

Tollywood Celebrities Liposuction
0 October 31, 2015

Liposuction Stories: Tollywood’s Famous Celebrities Who Have Transformed Their Looks

Liposuction is no alien to Tollywood, since some famous celebrities have transformed their looks enormously by getting this cosmetic surgery. Now, we look into their liposuction stories to know about the facts behind them.

 tollywood actors liposuction


Junior NTR, the “Young Tiger” of Tollywood, had created a sensation during the release of his film, “Yamadonga”. He lost a great deal of his body weight, and this once chubby actor had transformed into a slim and stylish persona. Telugu audience and his fans in other states were shocked with this development, because in the earlier film “Rakhi”, it was evident that he was turning obese, and barely in the next film, he had reappeared in a new avatar. And at this point, the rumors about his liposuction propped up.

Later, in an interview, the humble Junior had disclosed the details of his liposuction. He got it in United States, when the ace director Rajamouli had asked him to cut down the weight for the role in Yamadonga. After the liposuction, the actor had to do rigorous workouts to maintain and accentuate the surgery results.  

Actually, this was a turning point for NTR, because he was criticized due to the overweight by the film critics, audiences and some of his fans as well. Some critics even foresaw that his acting career was near to end. But NTR replied back very strongly, with an intensity which had turned his career altogether, making him reach the greater heights in his career, with the industry hits, like Yamadonga, Adhurs, Brindhavanam and Temper.

And the epitome of success, he was flaunting with a six pack and ripped body in the movie “Temper”!!


Chiru….Chiranjeevi – The “Mega Star” 

Chiranjeevi does not need any introduction throughout India, such is the charisma of this veteran actor. In the golden days of his career, he was widely known for the incredible performance, amazing dance moves, super sleek fights, excellent hair styles and costumes in the movies, along with his handsome physique! Fast forward to 2015, and there goes his physique out of the window. Reason? He was busy in politics and did not take the basic care from 2008. He didn’t had food at the right timings, workouts were next to impossible, and he was even deprived of sleep due to the demanding lifestyle of his job.

But, the things changed when he had decided to take a short break from the politics and complete his 150th film, which was hugely appreciated throughout South India, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States, where his fans were overwhelmingly high. Due to this prospect, he had concentrated on his physique again, and do you know about what he did right after? Yes, he got an incredible liposuction, which had shaped up his body tremendously, making him ready to act in the super crazy venture.

Looks like Chiranjeevi is once again out to prove that he is the “Mega Star” of Telugu land forever!!


Manchu Vishnu

This upcoming actor, the son of famous Tollywood biggie, Mohan Babu, was plumper from the start of his career. Some years back, he had decided to become lean, and resorted to liposuction. The results were very good, and now he is sleek and ripped. We wish that his new looks offer memorable hit ventures to him.

Due to these successful liposuction stories of Tollywood bigwigs, many more celebrities and common people are sure to knock the doors of this cosmetic surgery.

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