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Thigh Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

Thigh Shaping Surgery at Akruti Clinic in Hyderabad-India

Let’s think about this for a moment. A beautiful girl with an attractive body, jogging in the middle of the lush greenery of a garden, in her workout shorts, unveiling her fit thighs and you see this beauty with a peaceful mind in the serene climate of the early morning. Now everyone likes to be there around her, admiring the beauty, especially her super fit thighs.


Does the above illustration sounds captivating? If yes, then obviously, you like the fit and lustrous thighs. But what if you do not have this kind of sexy looking assets? Well, you can get a thigh lift to shape up the thighs to your liking.


Your thighs are shaped up by removing the fat layers and trimming the extra skin. You will be out of bandages in a few days, and voila!, you will be having super sexy thighs, like the beautiful girl in the garden.

Thigh Shaping Benefits

With a thigh lift, you get a number of benefits.


  • Thigh contour or shape looks superb. Since your thigh is literally sculpted, like an artist who sculpts a mesmerizing statue, the contours are precisely and neatly defined.
  • Shaping of the thighs is done by removing the fat layers. So, if you have large thighs, then this surgery can turn them into the right size.
  • Since fat is removed, the thigh weight decreases. This light weight improves the flexibility of your thighs.
  • You have incredible looking thighs after the surgery. Now this gives an excuse to add the latest collections to your wardrobe. Dresses fit perfectly and they seem like they are tailor made for you. 

Thigh Lift Procedure

You will be sedated to keep you painless during the surgery. Surgical incisions are made to remove the fat from the thighs. These incisions are placed in the groin or the under thighs. The skin is lifted up carefully and the fat layers are then removed. The internal tissues are also repaired by placing sutures wherever needed. This improves the elasticity of the thighs. After removing the fat, the weight decreases and the skin at this place sags. This extra skin is trimmed down and sutured to make the skin tone smooth.

Thigh Lift Surgery Cost in Hyderabad 

You are provided with unique pricing, which is calculated according to your requirements. So, the price changes from person to person and you are requested to contact our hospital for the exact price.


The limitations are not a big deal, because they are minor ones and they disappear after a few days.


  • Swelling might be observed after the thigh lift. It is a common response of the body to any surgery. It eases off in less than a week.
  • Pain might be prevalent for some days. However, it gets alleviated quickly due to the prescribed medicines.
  • You should not stretch the legs apart till the surgical wound heals. Ignoring this limitation can break the sutures and delay the healing.  

Thigh Lift Surgeon in Hyderabad

Undoubtedly, the best thigh lift surgeon in Hyderabad is Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao. His career graph indicates the range of successes he had earned till now. Book an appointment with the doctor to experience the unparalleled talent.

FAQs on thigh surgery

  • What care should I take before the surgery?

Alcohol and tobacco or nicotine are the worst possible enemies for any surgery. Please avoid drinking and smoking from 1 month before the surgery. If you have diabetes or blood pressure, then they should be maintained at normal values. Else, it might not be possible for conducting the surgery.


  • What if I have health conditions?

Health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, etc. should be kept under control for getting the thigh lift. You should notify these issues to our doctor. If you are having any diseases or got cured from one, then you have to provide this information to the surgeon.


  • Are the results permanent?

The existing fat is removed to shape your thigh in this surgery. But if the fat is piled up due to the poor lifestyle, then the results of thigh lift can diminish. So, you are insisted to take good diet and exercise regularly for maintaining the positive results of this surgery permanently.


  • Are the sutures in the groin dangerous?

The sutures dissolve into the skin after the wound heals. But you have to be careful till the sutures are on. The legs should not be stretched apart in any condition.

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