0 January 27, 2015
  • Akruti Institute of plastic and cosmetic surgery would be conducting a lipoma awareness campaign from 14th of Decemeber 2012 to 24th december 2012. For more information about the procedure and the costing we request you to book your slot by filling your details in the appointment form.
  • A benign tumor composed of adipose tissue can be termed as lipoma which is a common outline of soft tissue tumour.
  • They are generally soft to touch, usually movable and painless and can vary from 0.5cm to 4 cm generally in diameter and they continue to grow as the age advances. They are generally observed at Abdomen, arms, forearm, forehead, thighs and chest. There are 13 types of lipoma to speak off such as Adenolipomas, Angiolipoleiomyomas, Angiolipomas, Chondroid lipomas, Hibernomas, Intradermal spindle cell lipomas, Neural fibrolipomas, Pleomorphic lipomas, Spindle-cell lipomas and Superficial subcutaneous lipomas.
  • They can affect any age group and one in 1000 are prone to a victim. Multiple lipomas are frequently seen in men. Lipomatosis is a heredity condition where in multiple lipomas are observed.
  • Generally done under local anesthesia and its a day care
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