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  • Sex reassignment surgery in Hyderabad

    Sex reassignment surgery in Hyderabad

    Sex reassignment surgery in Hyderabad

    Everything You Need to Know About Sex Reassignment Surgery in Hyderabad

    What is sex reassignment surgery?

    Sex reassignment surgery in Hyderabad refers to procedures that help people transition to their self-identified gender. Today, many people prefer to use the terms gender affirmation or confirmation surgery.

    Why is gender affirmation surgery done?

    People may have sex reassignment surgery in Hyderabad so that their physical body matches their gender identity. People who choose gender affirmation surgery do so because they experience gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the distress that occurs when your sex assigned at birth does not match your gender identity.

    Sex reassignment surgeon in Hyderabad

    Procedure Details

    What happens before gender affirmation surgery?

    Before surgery, you should work with a trusted Sex reassignment surgeon in Hyderabad. A healthcare provider can help you understand the risks and benefits of all surgery options.
    Many insurance companies require you to submit specific documentation before they will cover a gender-affirming surgery. This documentation includes:
    • Health records that show consistent gender dysphoria.
    • Letter of support from a mental health provider, such as a social worker or psychiatrist.

    What happens during transgender surgery?

    What happens during surgery varies depending on the procedure. You may choose facial surgery, top surgery, bottom surgery or a combination of these operations.
    Facial surgery may change your:
    . Cheekbones: Many transgender women have injections to enhance the cheekbones.
    . Chin: You may opt to soften or more prominently define your chin’s angles.
    . Jaw: A surgeon may shave down your jawbone or use fillers to enhance your jaw.
    . Nose: You may have a rhinoplasty, surgery to reshape the nose.

    If you are a transgender woman (assigned male at birth or AMAB), other surgeries may include:

    • Adam’s apple reduction.
    • Placement of breast implants
    • Removal of the penis and scrotum
    • Construction of a vagina and labia

    What happens after gender affirmation surgery?

    Recovery times vary based on what procedures or combination of procedures you have:
    Cheek and nose surgery: Swelling lasts for around two to four weeks.
    Chin and jaw surgery: Most swelling fades within two weeks. It may take up to four months for swelling to disappear.
    Chest surgery: Swelling and soreness last for one to two weeks. You will need to avoid vigorous activity for at least one month.
    Bottom surgery: Most people don’t resume usual activities until at least six weeks after surgery. You will need weekly follow-up with your healthcare provider for a few months. These visits ensure you are healing well.

    It’s important to understand that, for most people, surgery is only one part of the transitioning process. After surgery, you should continue to work with a therapist or counselor. This professional can support you with social transitioning and your mental health.

    Sex reassignment surgery cost in Hyderabad

    What are the benefits of gender affirmation surgery?

    Research has shown that transgender individuals who choose gender-affirming surgery experience long-term mental health benefits. In one study, a person’s odds of needing mental health treatment declined by 8% each year after the gender-affirming procedure irrespective of the Sex reassignment surgery cost in Hyderabad.

    Sex reassignment surgery in HyderabadSex reassignment surgery cost in Hyderabad

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