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Plastic Surgery in India

Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery in India

What are the Benefits of having surgery in India?

Plastic surgery is required to shape up or correct various body parts, resolve the structural and functional issues, and enhance the beauty of them. Despite the fact that these surgeries are available around the globe, India is the preferred destination for many people. Cosmetic surgery industry has advanced by leaps and bounds in India, and these sophisticated treatments are offered for cheap rates, which is next to impossible in any other country.


There are numerous plastic surgery hospitals, and many plastic surgeons across the country. For obtaining effective results, you must choose the plastic surgeon with good experience. Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti, Hyderabad, has exemplary experience in carrying out various cosmetic surgeries, and the success rate of these surgeries is just amazing.
The following benefits can be enjoyed by you by getting plastic surgery in India.

Low cost

The cosmetic surgery treatments are offered for low prices than any other region in the world. There are various reasons for this trend, but the prominent ones are, the subtle taxation laws and market competition. Since the tax levied on these cosmetic surgery facilities is quite less compared to the other countries, they are able to offer the services for cheap prices. Another reason is the mammoth competition in the market, between thousands of service providers, which can only lead them to price competitively, and it benefits the clients, like you.

Expert doctors

The surgeons are highly experienced, and many of them have successfully dealt with thousands of cases, which gave them edge over the doctors from other regions. They carry out all kinds of plastic surgery treatments, like rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc. This provides advantage for the clients, since they can choose multiple treatments for attaining maximum results from the same surgeon, which reduces the unnecessary risks and improves the success rate of the surgeries considerably.

World class facilities

The highlight of getting plastic surgery in India is the availability of world class facilities for a tad lesser fee than the hospitals in other nations. The medical instruments and infrastructure are of top notch, and the hospitals here do not compromise on the medical facilities to save some bucks for offering low cost treatments. Instead, the less expenditure for various commodities enable the hospitals to spend the surplus on the class leading facilities, offering superior treatment for the clients.


Also, the hotels and other facilities elude international standards, which make you and your family members or friends comfortable during the stay in India.

No waiting list

The biggest gripe of getting cosmetic surgery in the foreign countries is the long waiting lists, which can range as long as 3 months for getting the service from a renowned doctor. There are no such hassles in India, because there are a number of experts in the country, and the clients have innumerable options. So, you do not find such absurd waiting lists for the cosmetic treatments in India.

Easy availability of visa and provision for tax incentives

The icing on cake for obtaining plastic surgery in India is the quick availability of medical visa. Since the Government of India has understood the prominence of medical tourism, due to the overwhelming number of tourists per year, it took several steps in favor of this sector. Hence there are no hassles whatsoever in getting the Indian visa for your surgery.


Another added benefit is the exceptional tax incentives offered by the Indian Government for the tourists visiting the country for medical purposes. These benefits apply for every medical reason, including the cosmetic surgery, and you can save quite a good amount due to it. The low prices of plastic surgery treatments in India are made even cheaper by this process.

Travel easily and enjoy superb amenities

India is well connected to all the countries in the world by sea and airways. Spacious and comfortable airplanes are provided by numerous private airline companies, for the passengers to visit India from any country. During your tour in India, you can also enjoy various amenities, for really cheap rates. You would get amazed at the blazing internet speeds which are offered for very less rates, which is only a dream for the internet providers of other countries.  You have access to various amenities in India, which offer high “Value for Money”, and thus you are not needed to burn a hole in the wallet for visiting India for the cosmetic surgeries.

Alluring and captivating tourist spots

After the surgery, you can visit some famous tourist spots, which can relax you, and aids you in physical and mental healing. Places such as Goa and Kerala can cast a magical spell on you, and the beauty and serene nature of these locations can make you spell bound. This is the best way to get relief from the tiresomeness after the treatment indeed.

The medical tourism in India, for getting the plastic surgeries, is on the rise from years, and it is expected to only grow further in the coming years, due to the mentioned facts. Visit India to experience the utmost professional and successful plastic surgeries, particularly Hyderabad, where the renowned Akruti Institute of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries is present.