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  • Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad

    Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad

    Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad

    All You Need to Know about Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad

    Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad is a treatment that is aimed at increasing the length of the penis. During this system, the doctor will use a minor incision in the lower ligament of the penis so that it falls forward. Subsequently, a mini prosthesis will be installed at the ends of the ligament so that they do not rejoin and so that the penis does not decrease. Generally, with this operation, it is possible to enlarge the original size of the penis by two to three centimeters (both during flaccidity and erection), although the range of extension may vary depending on the person.
    For surgical enlargement or extension, the request to a Penile lengthening surgeon in Hyderabad must remain reasonable. What you require knowing before taking any kind of action.

    Physical and Psychological Discomfort

    The development of sexuality does not depend on the size of the penis. Some men, however, experience psychological or physical discomfort. Penile lengthening surgery in Hyderabad suggests lengthening or enlarging the penis by some centimeters. This comfort surgery necessitates a definite maturity.

    A Longer or Wider Penis

    Generally, men refer to improvement a few centimeters and select enlargement or elongation after hearing the explanations of the surgeon. After an enlargement procedure, the circumference of the penis increases by 3 to 5 cm both at rest and in an erection.
    On the other hand, following an elongation, its length gains 3 to 6 cm at rest but is unchanged in an erection. The association of the two operations is frequent.

    Penis Enlargement

    The penis enlargement surgery is obtained by fat injection, performed on an outpatient basis – during the day, in the clinic – under local anesthesia. Fat is taken from the stomach or pubic area and purified.
    The fat cells are reinjected at different points of the penis, using fine cannulas. There is no scar.
    As the penis is swollen with edema, the final result is seen after six weeks.
    The enlargement of the penis can reserve disappointments: at best, 30% of the fat doesn’t gross. At the worst, 80% of the fat used to be lost. Once in five, the patient must return to the unit for recovery.

    Penile lengthening surgery cost in Hyderabad

    Penis Lengthening

    The penis lengthening surgery is performed under general anesthesia requires hospitalization. The suspensory ligament of the penis is cut. What was inside is exteriorized, the rod falls and lengthens. Penile lengthening surgery cost in Hyderabad at reputed clinics is on the higher side.

    A skin play is performed, causing an inverted Y scar (which leaves the pubis and inclines on the scrotum). The lengthening consequence is noticeable the next day.
    The main threat of this intervention is a delay in healing of eight days on average.
    Reimbursement by Social Security concerns cases of micropenis, (less than 3 cm at rest), left to the discretion of the medical insurance consultant.
    The postoperative period: rest for 48 hours.
    No physical exertion and sexual self-denial for two to three weeks.

    Penile lengthening surgery in HyderabadPenile lengthening surgery cost in Hyderabad

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