Stomach Liposuction

What would be the most irritating thing for us in the body? Without a second thought, you would point towards the protruding belly, and we agree with you instantly. Fat stomach looks like a big pouch attached to the body, for the sole purpose of making us look ugly. Nobody will appreciate this ugly lump, and it also casts an aged look. If you are having this condition, then it is worthy to take the necessary steps to curb it entirely


After hearing this, the first thought which would come across your mind is weight loss techniques. Many people have followed these techniques and decreased the body weight, but still they are clueless about the stomach fat, since it is so stubborn to remove even by losing body weight. Your hands, legs and all other body parts lose weight due to the care you take, but still the stomach fat sits as it is.


So, are you thinking about exercising now? Workouts are good for health without any second thought, but to decrease the stomach fat, they do more bad than good. Wondering about how is it even possible? Then, you should be enlightened about the processes which take place after doing the exercise. Due to the excellent workouts, the stomach muscles gain mass and strength, and they are a lot firmer. But the fat layers which are beneath them, stay as it is, and they are even tougher to remove due to the strong muscles surrounding them. Therefore you will make the condition even worse by resorting to this technique.


Enough with this heck! Is there any goddamn treatment for this condition? Or should I carry this ugly pouch like a Kangaroo for my lifetime? You are saved, there is an excellent treatment available for this condition, the stomach liposuction. The stubborn fat is sucked out from the body by using this technique and the ugly protrusion is gone forever. You should know about this most effective treatment, which can cure the irritating stomach fat from core.


The following benefits will be enjoyed by you by getting a stomach liposuction.


  • The ugly protrusion is treated effectively, and you will be no longer bothered by it.
  • The stubborn fat, which you have thought that it would not leave you forever, is eradicated by this surgery. You will feel very happy for sure.
  • Due to the removal of the ugly fat lump, your visual appearance improves drastically, and you look too good than earlier.
  • You will receive positive comments about the looks from your family members or friends. Even the strangers might appreciate the excellent visual appearance post the surgery. You will be overwhelmed with joy due to this impeccable response.
  • You can wear various types of dresses without any doubt. Due to the flat stomach, the attire suits you very much, making you look very impressive.
  • The excellent benefits of this surgery can boost your confidence very much, and you can tackle the life with improved attitude.


The stomach liposuction is carried out by loosening the fat cells and removing them by using a suction device. For this purpose, you are provided with local or general anesthesia, and incisions are made at the stomach. Then, the tumescent fluid is administered at the site to emulsify the fat cells, which makes it easy to remove them. A cannula is used to loosen this fat, by performing a continuous to and fro motion with it. The liquefied fat is then sucked out of the body by using a suction device. After this process is performed, the incisions are closed by the use of sutures, and bandages are used to cover up the site to promote healing.

Recovery Time

It might need 2 to 10 days for you to recover. While this is a mandatory recovery period, to attain the complete healing and experience the overall results, you must wait for 3 to 6 months after the surgery. However, you should be careful about what you do and eat after the treatment. You should not indulge in stressful activities at any cost, and due care should be taken regarding the diet too.


The cost required for stomach liposuction can range from 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. To know about the exact pricing, you can contact our medical center.


  • Is the stomach surgery really effective?

The stubborn fat is literally sucked out of your body, so that there is no excess fat in the abdominal region. Therefore the ugly protrusion is gone completely, and you achieve a flatter stomach.


  •  Am I appropriate for this cosmetic surgery?

If you are in a good health condition and have retractable skin at the stomach, then you are suited for this cosmetic surgery.


  • Are there any risks associated with it?

There are no associated risks for this surgery. It is truly a cosmetic treatment, which does not involve any body organs or nerves, but only the fat layers which are right beneath the skin. Hence there are no risks or complications whatsoever.


  • How much time it would take to perform this treatment?

It would take up to 2 hours to perform this surgery.


  • What are the tips to follow before the surgery?

Keep your general health in top notch condition, and refrain from smoking or drinking.  


  • Please tell about the experience of the doctor who performs stomach liposuction at Akruti?

Mr. Ram Bhupal Rao performs stomach liposuction, and he is the chief doctor at Akruti. His experience spans over 4,000+ liposuction cases and 10,000+ cases related to all kinds of plastic and cosmetic surgeries.


By getting stomach liposuction at Akruti, you can enjoy very effective results in the safest medical facility available throughout India.


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