Six Pack Abs Liposuction

Six pack abs! The name itself is a synonym for sleek, stylish and strength packed abdomen. These abdomen contours are cherished by one and all, and they are even the style statement for the youngsters. The phenomenal craze for six packs has prompted many people to resort to strenuous exercises, but only a few of them are successful at that.


The prevalence of a misconception that only zillions of crunches can offer ripped abdomen, has led many men and women to indulge in a wild goose chase. Without any hint of hope, they have turned down so quickly, and some of them have even bid adieu with broken hearts. What they have missed are the complexity of their task and the basic principle behind it, which are tackled successfully by the six pack abs liposuction.


The muscular abdominal contours have thin layers of fat in between them, which are extremely stubborn to remove, and hence even strenuous exercises fail in dealing with them. However this challenging task can be accomplished overwhelmingly by resorting to the six pack abs liposuction, where the tricky fat layers are removed to improve the abdominal muscle contours, which results in fine looking abdominal packs.


The six pack abs liposuction can cast the following benefits for you.


  • At last, you can attain the cherished dream of toned abdomen. It is not possible for an average person to achieve this feat, but this cosmetic surgery can make the dream come true.
  • While the conventional process for getting six packs demands the utmost commitment from you, liposuction for the same accomplishes the task much more easily.
  • The final output is very accurate and neat, and there are no traces of the surgery whatsoever. Since the incisions are tucked away cleverly, it lends a smoother appearance to the abdomen.
  • You can flaunt with the abs, and there is no reason for you to remain hideous in the public places, like beaches, swimming pools, etc.
  • You look great with the toned abdomen, and it can impress the onlookers to the core. These impeccable looks can turn out to be your asset.
  • Due to the excellent remarks about the body, your confidence spurs through the roof. Indeed, it is the best way to excel with supreme confidence.
  • Attire of any kind is suited for you, due to the much better body proportions you have after the surgery.


The six pack liposuction is not a mere process, but it is a fine art of sculpting. The cosmetic surgeon shapes up the abs carefully, so that they look pronounced, without any irregularities whatsoever. Due to the detailed procedure, you might have to remain in the operative room for two hours. The anesthetist administers you with a local anesthesia to numb the abdominal area. Many incisions are made at the belly button, which are usually of 2 mm in size. Cannula is inserted through these incisions, and the fat cells are loosened by the constant movement of it. Then, the fat is sucked out by using the custom suction device.


Also, the stubborn fat layers in between the muscular contours are removed with high precision, to attain the desired results and prevent any damage to the blood vessels or organs. After the completion of this procedure, the incisions are sutured and bandages are applied at the site.

Recovery Time

While the mandatory recovery time ranges from 2 to 10 days, the complete recovery takes anywhere between 3 to 6 months. After the complete recovery, the abdominal packs are clearly visible.


The cost of this liposuction depends on the various factors, particularly on the body shape and expectations of the client. It ranges between 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR.


  • I am overwhelmed about the surgery. Can I get it?

You can get it for sure if you are in the right shape. The fat quantity removed in this surgery does not exceed 2 cms. So, this surgery is appropriate for you if you are not over weight. If you are obese, then you can opt for the conventional liposuction first.

  • Do the six packs look real?

Well, they are your real muscular contours, so, indeed they look real. Remember that the principle for attaining six packs is same, that is, the removal or burning of fat layers in between the muscular contours.

  • Is the surgery safe?

It is indeed safe, since it only deals with the removal of fat in between the muscular structures. So, there are no related risks whatsoever.

  • Can the surgeon deliver the promises?

It depends on the surgeon you are dealing with. Highly experienced and proficient surgeons do deliver what they promise, but the same cannot be said about others. With decades of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgeries, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao of Akruti is the excellent choice for this treatment. He is renowned in and out of Hyderabad for the very same reason.

  • 5. What care should I take before the surgery?

You should take care about the general health and keep it in good state for the success of the cosmetic surgery. Also, you should refrain from smoking and alcohol intake for a month before the surgery day.

  • 6. Will my abdomen turn stronger after the treatment?

In the treatment, your abdomen is shaped up to attain the pronounced muscles. It is quite different from what you earn by the exercise. Due to the potential workouts, the abdominal muscles turn stronger which improves your overall stamina. You better not participate in the strength determining events with the abs shaped up by the surgery.


Six pack abs liposuction is only suited for people who are enthusiastic about the toned abdomen and visual appeal. Since their requirements are hard to accomplish by the traditional way, this liposuction surgery is introduced to make the things easier for them. However, the treatment is so effective that the clients are delivered with the expected results without any concerns whatsoever.


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