Love Handle Liposuction

Love handles, the name seems soothing to hear, but not so in the real world. They are the ugly flaps which are present on the sides of the lower back of the body. And on an even uglier note, they are not at all treatable even by finest of the natural remedies or oral medications. So, what about the treatment for it? That leaves only one choice in the form of love handle liposuction.


This treatment focuses on the removal of excess fat layers, to shape up the lower back for making the region look absolutely gorgeous. Love handles were permanent assets in the past, but things have changed considerably in the recent times. Due to the advent of this liposuction, even the stubborn issues like love handles are absolutely curable.


So, you are not needed to panic when you observe the love handles. Just visit our medical facility to get the sophisticated cosmetic surgery specially designed for it.


Love handle liposuction surgery can offer you with numerous benefits.


  • You are relieved from the ugly flaps at the sides of your body. Finally, you look normal after days of agony.
  • The stubborn fat, which made you think that it was impossible to treat, is removed from your body, and the structure at the region is sculpted to deliver an excellent appearance to you.
  • You look great after this cosmetic surgery, since the ugly flaps are reduced to nothing. Women will observe the beautiful S-shaped curves on the sides of their bodies, while men can observe the masculine V-shaped bodies.
  • You can get compliments from the known ones, due to the positive change in your appearance. Those will be the memorable moments in your life for sure.
  • Due to the neat body profile, you are suited to various types of attire. You look fantastic in any dress, and it makes you immensely happy.
  • You will be more confident due to the improved visual appearance, and it can improve your personal and public life as well.


The procedure of love handles liposuction is more or less similar to the traditional liposuction, the only difference being the operated site. In this surgery, you are provided with the local sedation and tumescent fluid is injected at the site to emulsify the fat cells. Surgical incisions are made on the top or beneath the love handles. The surgeon inserts a cannula into these cuts, and by thrusting gently, the swollen fat cells are broken down. After this process, the fat is removed from the body by the use of a suction device. Then the incisions are closed and bandages are applied at the region to promote healing. After the recovery period, you can observe the excellent results of this cosmetic surgery.

Recovery Time

You are needed to take a mandatory rest for 2 to 10 days. After that, you can attend the regular activities which do not involve lifting heavy weights or indulging in strenuous works. The complete recovery takes somewhere around 3 months, and you can observe the maximum results after this process.


Love handle liposuction demands the utmost precision of the surgeon. Also, the clients are of different sizes, which requires the removal of different quantities of fat. These two factors determine the exact cost of the procedure, while the usual price can be anywhere between 50,000 INR and 1,50,000 INR.


    • Love handle liposuction! Does it really work because I know it is very hard to remove the fat there?

The surgery is nothing but the removal of underlying fat there, which has caused the unpleasant bulges in the region. So, by removing it, the internal issue is treated and you regain the lost body shape.


        • Is there any danger in getting the surgery?

There is no danger whatsoever, since it is just a cosmetic surgery, and it does not involve any critical body parts or nerves or blood vessels.


        • Do I really get the natural and beautiful looking body shape?

You will get the natural and beautiful looking S or V shaped body according to the gender. But, expecting anything more than that, like the sculpted bodies of the people who indulge in workouts in gyms, is too much. In fact, we even advise our clients to have realistic expectations about the surgery.

        • I want to get the surgery. Please suggest me about the procedure I should follow?

First, you should get a medical evaluation at our medical facility to know about the related odds and positives. After that, we will decide the surgery date according to your wish, and from then, you are needed to keep the general health in immaculate condition. You should also avoid smokes and alcoholic drinks at any cost.


        • Who is the cosmetic surgeon at Akruti? How much is his experience?

Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao is the chief cosmetic and plastic surgeon at Akruti. He has an experience of over 4,000 liposuction surgeries.


        • Am I needed to follow any guidelines after the surgery?

Yes, but they are not mere guidelines, we insist you to follow them without fail for attaining maximum results from this surgery.

        • Ok, so I will observe excellent results by following your suggestions, isn’t it?

Yes, of course. But, not right after the surgery, as the body needs time to recover completely to display the results. This complete recovery requires 3 to 6 months.

Love handle liposuction is renowned throughout the globe due to the impeccable results it offers for the clients. Get this surgery at Akruti today for experiencing the true potential of it.


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