Inner Thigh Liposuction

Do you have fat inner thighs, which rub together when you are walking? Are you embarrassed in the public places about them or bear the discomfort caused by them? Then, you need the inner thigh liposuction, which relieves you from all these issues.


Thighs are the automatic storage spots for fat, since your body is designed like this way. The excess fat stored over time can cause the thighs to increase in dimensions very much, which look downright ugly. Further, they can create a great deal of discomfort for you by rubbing against each other while walking. Also, you cannot wear the dresses easily, because the disproportionate measurements create uneasiness and uncomfortable feeling to you.


By getting inner thigh liposuction, things will change drastically. Your thighs are brought to normal size by removing the fat layers from the inner thigh region. So, there is no rubbing of legs anymore, and you can wear the dresses with ease and feel comfortable.


This liposuction can provide you with the following benefits.


  • Due to the reduction of thighs, you feel great. The bulky feeling you have before the surgery, does not exist after the treatment, and you feel remarkable about it.
  • The visual appearance improves, since you look more proportionate with the reduced thighs, which are suited more to your overall physique.
  • The decrease in thigh weight saves the knees and ankles from getting affected by various issues in the future. Since the fat thighs exert more pressure on these body parts, they are susceptible to damage, and this condition is averted by the inner thigh liposuction.
  • It is a less invasive treatment, so there is no chance for the other body structures to get damaged during the process.
  • The results are excellent and they are achieved in a quick time span.
  • Dresses fit exactly, as there is no bulkiness at thighs. Before the surgery, you would have faced issues with the dresses looking out of place for you, since the fat thighs cause a disproportionate look.


The inner thigh liposuction is done by administering you with a local anesthesia, and making incisions at the groin, inner thigh and above the knee. Tumescent fluid is injected at the place, which helps in the easy removal of the excess fat cells by making them swollen. Through these incisions, a cannula is inserted into the body and it is rocked in a back and forth movement to loosen the fat cells. The swollen fat cells disengage from the rest of them very easily, and this liquefied fat is removed from the body by using suction. After removing them, sutures are placed to close the incisions, and they are wrapped up in bandages.

Recovery Time

You are offered with a compression garment, which reduces swelling and promotes healing. It should be used for at least one month for good results. While the mandatory recovery time is up to 10 days, complete recovery may require 3 to 6 months, after which you can observe the whole results of the surgery. You can participate in the regular activities during the healing period, but do not engage in any strenuous jobs which pose physical stress.


Inner thigh liposuction can cost you anywhere between 50,000 INR ton 1,50,000 INR. The exact price is determined after evaluating the client.


  • I heard a lot about this liposuction. Does it really work?

There are thousands of clients who got inner thigh liposuction at Akruti. They are completely satisfied with the results, and they even recommend this surgery to their relatives and friends. You can visit our facility to see the before and after photos of the clients, and you can decide upon yourself whether the surgery is worthy or not.


  • I am obese. Can I get the inner thigh liposuction?

If you are obese, then all of your body parts are large. So, the treatment should focus on decreasing the size of your entire body, rather some parts. This would bring a more proportionate look than operating on the inner thighs only, which would hamper the visual appeal by lending disproportions in the body structure.


  • Is the process safe, since it also involves incision in groin?

The process is absolutely safe even though it requires an incision in the groin. No internal body parts are touched during the surgery. But, using the cannula in the right way, for preventing any damage to the internal organs is very crucial. The experience of the surgeon comes into play here, and at Akruti, we have Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao, the Chief Surgeon, who has decades of experience and thousands of successful cases under his belt. In fact, he is the most experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon in the entire Hyderabad city. So, at Akruti, you are free from any safety concerns, and you can get the inner thigh liposuction here without any doubts.


  • Is advanced infrastructure available at Akruti?

Yes, we use the advanced infrastructure at Akruti. We are so forward in the technological advancements in inner thigh liposuction that, no other cosmetic and plastic surgery hospitals match our prowess in Hyderabad.


  • I am ready to get the surgery. Please provide the related details.

The first thing you should do is stop smoking and drinking alcohol. You have to keep the general health in good condition. Visit us, and get a medical evaluation. If you are suitable for the surgery, then we will inform you about the same, assess your body structure and provide you with the expected results. You can then decide to get the surgery or not.


  • What about the care to be taken?

The surgeon provides you about all the details regarding the care to be taken after the surgery. Following them religiously can offer you with immense benefits.

Inner thigh liposuction is required for you for aesthetical and functional purposes. Get it at Akruti today to enjoy numerous benefits of the surgery in a safer environment.


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