Double Chin Liposuction

Have you ever wondered about the double chin, when you see in the mirror? Thought that it looks awful straight away, and felt sad about why did you get it in the first place? Although, it is sad that your visual appearance suffered due to this flaw, the very reason for this condition is yourself, be it the overweight or genetic trait. However, the other side of the coin is, you can get this condition corrected since it is not a birth defect.


The highlight niggle of double chin is, exercise or diet hardly matters for it. So the conventional and natural forms of weight loss are out of the box for solving this issue. Now it seems tricky to treat this stubborn fat, isn’t it? But fret not, double chin liposuction is the savior of the day for you.


This customized liposuction draws the fat cells out of the chin, and treats the condition. The natural look and feel of the chin are retained, and you will not see the ugly lump at that place thereafter. In fact, this liposuction is so effective that, almost 100% of the double chin sufferers resort to it for getting rid of the condition.


The benefits you can experience with the double chin liposuction are:

  • Your facial beauty improves due to the removal of the ugly lump of fat. You look more desirable than ever after the surgery.
  • You can enjoy the amazing compliments you get from the onlookers. Be it the friends, family members, or even strangers, expect them to leave one or two comments about your visual appearance.
  • Due to the improved looks, you can expect an improvement in your social life. Since people rely more on looks than any other to do friendship or get along these days, having beautiful looks is surely a plus point.
  • You are more confident after the surgery, because you feel great about your visual appearance. This can show a positive impact in lot of the aspects related to you.
  • Due to the proportionate and immaculate facial features, you might even garner overwhelming appreciations from the opposite gender, which makes you feel like you are in cloud nine.


Local anesthesia is provided at the chin to subside the pain during the surgery. Incisions are made below the target region, and tumescent fluid is administered at the site for making the fat cells swollen. A cannula is then inserted into the fat layers through the incisions made in the skin, and it is pushed forward and back to disengage the cells from the fat layers. A custom and powerful suction device is then used to suck out the disengaged fat cells from the body. The incisions are then closed and bandages are applied at the region for the healing process to take place. By this process, the fat lump which is causing the double chin, is treated effectively.

Recovery Period

The recovery period for double chin is 2 to 10 days, which depends on the level of prognosis. You should not do any kind of works which need extra physical effort. Also, you should follow the surgeon’s advice and take the prescribed medications without any fail. More importantly, you must take good diet to improve healing.


The price of double chin liposuction is in between 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. The exact rate is only determined after examining the client. Since the double chin size varies for each person, the amount of removable fat is also different for each case, and the cost of surgery depends on this factor.


  • 1. Can I get the double chin liposuction or are there any requirements for it?

It is only decided after you get the medical evaluation at our hospital. Usually, people with good general health are suitable for getting double chin liposuction. The conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure, etc. should be maintained normal to qualify for the surgery. Also, if you have any other medical conditions, then do inform the doctor about them and the medications you are using.


  • 2. Am I too old to get this cosmetic surgery?

You are never too old for this surgery if your skin is still retractable. It has to get into normal position once the fat is removed, and this is only possible when the skin has the required elasticity. During our medical evaluation, we will assess the condition, and if it has the required quality, we will proceed with the double chin liposuction.


  • 3. Should I take any care before the surgery?

Yes. The first thing you should do is to improve or maintain your general health. As said earlier, the health conditions like B.P, thyroid, diabetes, etc. should be kept under check. Double chin liposuction is only possible if these factors are maintained normal. Also, you should refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking and taking nicotine or tobacco in any form. This is very important and it can determine the success of the surgery.


  • 4. Is the surgery safe?

It is 100% safe, as we do not deal with any internal body organs, nerves and blood vessels, and chin is very far from any crucial parts. So, there is no chance for even a minor error to occur during the surgery. Also, you will be operated under the supervision of the chief doctor, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao, who is the most experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad. Hence there is no reason for you to worry about the safety regarding this surgery.


  • 5. When would I observe the results?

You can observe the complete results within 3 to 6 months after the surgery. The body aligns with the new chin contours in this time, and you can observe the new improved look.


Double chin liposuction is garnering excellent response from the clients all over the world, since it is very effective and there are no risks at all. You should get it to experience the impeccable results, which can change your visual appearance in a good way.


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