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  • Buttock Liposuction

    Buttock/Hip Liposuction in Hyderabad

    The problem you are facing with the large buttocks, is very common in many people, and we understand the pain. They hamper the visual appeal a big time, and also pose functionality issues. If you are looking to curb this issue, then we can assist you in fine ways.


    The problem with big buttocks is they create an unpleasant look, and hamper the body dynamics altogether. This can also result in functionality problems, where you face overweight on your back and the quick reflexes of the body are compromised. In some people, the issue is predominant, and their hip and leg movements are slowed down drastically.


    So, your desire to be free from this issue is understandable, and naturally, the first thing you would choose to fight this condition is to take good diet and exercise, which sadly, fails in this case. The fat in buttocks is quite stubborn, and it is impossible to treat it this way. Therefore you need a fine method, which is effective enough to cure this issue from root, and the technique is nothing but buttock liposuction. In fact, this is the only effective way to treat the large buttocks.

    Hip Liposuction Benefits

    This liposuction can lead to various improvements in your life. The plethora of benefits you would enjoy by getting the buttock liposuction are given below.


    • Improved visual appeal
      Well, the prime motto of you in getting the buttock liposuction would be improving the visual appeal, and you will be successful in that aspect with flying colors. Due to the removal of abnormal bulk, the rear side of yours is turned attractive.
    • Able to move quickly
      Due to the decrease in the unnecessary mass at the back, you will be able to move quickly than before. The fluid movements and responses are a boon for you in enjoying a quality life, which are achieved by this surgery.
    • No more bulk feeling
      The bulk feeling you have at the rear end, which makes you feel lethargic all the time, is reduced drastically. Some people may experience no uneasiness or pain at all, due to the excellent butt liposuction they got.
    • Other body parts are saved
      The weight of the buttocks can put immense pressure on the hips, ankles and knees, and this can lead to many health issues. By decreasing the weight, the chances for the occurrence of these issues are reduced to nil.
    • Enjoy the outfits
      By getting this liposuction, the extra-large buttocks are reduced, facilitating you to wear a range of outfits, which was never possible before the surgery. Due to the improvement in physique, different types of dresses look good on you, making you the most desirable among your friends or colleagues.
    • Spikes in social life
      Since you look great after the treatment, you will be liked by many people, making you the center of attraction in the social circles. As a result, your social life improves a lot.
    • Self-confidence strikes
      Due to the improved looks, excellent functionalities and tremendous appreciation in the social life, your confidence increases by multiple folds. You will proceed ahead in the life by displaying unmatched self-confidence levels.


    Buttock liposuction is performed by making incisions at the lower back or just above the butt crease. To relieve you from pain during the process, you are administered with the local anesthesia. Tumescent fluid is sent into the body at the target site, to make the fat cells swollen for aiding the fat removal. A cannula is used to loosen the swollen fat cells, by sending it through the incisions made in the skin, and moving it in a forth and back motion to disengage the fat. The liquefied fat cells are then taken out of the body by using suction force. After the process, the incisions are secured by sutures.

    Recovery period

    The mandatory recovery period required for this surgery is 2 – 10 days. You should be careful to not involve in any strenuous works during this period. Follow the doctor’s advice carefully, and you will enjoy the complete results in 3 to 6 months.


    Buttock liposuction’s cost ranges from 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. Get the exact price by visiting us for the medical evaluation. The fat quantity to be removed is determined, and the pricing is decided according to it.


    • Can I really improve the buttock shape by getting this liposuction?

    Yes, you can. The buttocks are shaped up by removing the excess fat in this surgery. So, the results are excellent and promising.


    • I am afraid of surgery. Are there any alternative methods?

    The stubborn fat in the butts is impossible to remove by any other method. Buttock liposuction is the only possible way to achieve the desired results. This is just a cosmetic surgery, and none of your internal body organs are even touched. Hence there is no chance for any issues, and you can get this surgery without any fears.


    • Are the results worthy enough to get this surgery?

    Before you are operated, we assess your body and offer you with the expected results. If you find them satisfactory, then we will proceed with the treatment. So the call is really yours.


    • What is your specialty compared to other cosmetic surgery hospitals?

    We sculpt the buttocks rather taking out the entire fat from them. The difference between the two is we even know the amount of fat to be left, so that the buttocks look great. After all, taking the entire fat will only leave the lousy tissue behind, which is devoid of any luster.


    • Do you have a decent experience in these surgeries?

    Decent? We have immaculate experience in the cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Our Chief Surgeon, Dr. Ram Bhupal Rao has 35 years of experience in the field, and he has dealt with 10,000+ cosmetic surgeries, out of which, 4,000+ cases are liposuction related.

    You can get the buttock liposuction to improve your visual appeal and functionality. Akruti is the finest place to get it due to the incredible experience and sophisticated features available at our disposal.


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