Back Fat Liposuction

So, your body fat is getting stored at your back, isn’t it? You might have followed weight loss diets, exercised daily, sipped on green tea for months, and perhaps tried other crazy ideas, which you probably would not do for anything else, but still they lead you to nowhere. The fact is they do not work for the fat pockets at your back, since this fat is very stubborn in nature. Only the back fat liposuction can save your day.


The fat bulges and rolls at your back are formed since the body uses this place to store the fat, which is dictated by the genetic traits. And more commonly, women are very much susceptible to these fat pockets, while the exact reason for this is still unknown. Making the matters even worse, the fat here is stubborn and very difficult to break down by the weight loss techniques or exercise. So, even when you lose body weight, the fat folds at your back remain as it is. This explains the need of back fat liposuction to regain the good looking shape of your back.


By getting the back fat liposuction, you can experience the following benefits.


  • The ugly looking fat folds at your back are nowhere to be seen. Yes, you lose those sagging pouches after the surgery.
  • Your back looks good with neat contours. You are absolutely normal again.
  • Dresses fit and look great for you. There are no ugly protrusions at your back, which spoil the beauty of the tops. Especially, the saree clad women look excellent after the treatment.
  • You regain youthfulness due to the restored back contours. Since the fat rolls are considered as one of the signs of aging by many people, by correcting the condition you look younger than earlier.
  • Confidence levels improve since you feel great about the way you look. Your mental strength increases by multiple folds when you receive the praises from the family members, relatives and friends.
  • Due to the improved visual appeal, you can participate in the public events more actively, which can positively impact your public relations as well.


The client will be administered with local anesthesia, and tumescent fluid is injected at the back. Small incisions are made there, and a cannula is passed into the fat layer. The cannula is then moved back and forth to break the fat cells, and they are removed from the body by using a suction device. The incisions are then closed by sutures and bandages, and after the recovery period, the results are quite obvious.

Recovery Time

The recovery time is anywhere between 2 to 10 days. However, you have to follow the doctor suggestions even after the recovery.



The cost of this surgery ranges from 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. To know about the exact cost, please pay a visit to our center. We will evaluate your case, consider the related factors and price accordingly.


  • Are the results evident after the surgery?

It takes some time for the body to align along the contours made during the surgery. So, the results are evident in 3 to 4 months.


  • Should I take any precautions before the surgery?

If you have health conditions like blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid, then you have to keep them under control before proceeding to the surgery.


  • What about foods and drinks? Can I take anything without worrying?

No. You should follow some dietary rules as well. Take healthy foods which are rich in fiber, proteins and vitamins, and discard the junk and deep fried foods at any cost. You should not take alcohol or smoke from one month prior to the commencement of the surgery.


  • What to do on the surgery day?

Bring a trustworthy person with you, who can act as a caretaker for you in the hospital.


  • Is there any pain after the surgery?

Some mild pain may persist, but you should take the prescribed oral medications to get immense relief from the pain. Also, wear the compression garment as per the doctor’s suggestions, since it can relieve you from the bruises and pain.


  • Should I do regular activities during the recovery period?

Yes, you can do the regular activities from the first week itself. However, do not lift heavy things or indulge in strenuous works for one month at least.


  • Will the fat come ever again?

In this liposuction, the excess fat is removed from the back and you are turned normal. If you maintain well thereafter by taking good diet and exercising regularly, then the results are maintained for lifetime. But if you fail to do so and stuff your body with the junk foods, then new fat cells can be stored at the operated site, depriving you of the excellent results of the surgery. So, you should take good care of the body to keep off the fat from accumulating again.


The back fat liposuction can transform your looks by multiple folds without any possible side effects. Due to the lack of limitations, this surgery is the best bet you can rely on to improve your appearance safely. Further, the cost of this treatment is quite affordable and you are not needed to burn a hole in your pocket.


All these benefits point towards the effectiveness of this surgery and you can get it without any second thought.


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