Gynecomastia Before and After tips

Gynecomastia Before and After tips
0 January 27, 2015

The Term Gynecomastia has been derived from two words of greek gyné (stem gynaik-) which means “female” and mastos meaning “breast”.

It can occur unilaterally or bilaterally.

Gynecomastia is the term given to the unnecessary growth of the breast tissue in men and occurs in the segments of the hormonal transformations of man (early stages, puberty and old age) unless it is unswervingly linked to a ailment. Besides the cause of the hormone, too much intake of alcohol and drugs can cause this trouble. The patients suffering from Gynecomastia generally have female like breast (Cup Shaped Breasts).

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The main purpose of the surgical procedure is to give the body a perfect contour.

The number of gynecomastia surgeries performed till date -1650

The surgical procedure depends on the sort of gynecomastia and its rigorousness. There are some procedures that can be used independently or in combination:

  • Liposuction (this would be the simplified process and for patients of starting stage of gynecomastia).
  • Liposuction ultrasonic (this technique is for the people who have excess fat present)
  • Mastoplasty reduction (this technique is used for people who have excessive skin present near their chest).
  • The marks from surgical procedure for gynecomastia are not noticeable and are almost undetectable as time passes. The surgeon removed the gland and thereby increasing the hardness.


Anesthesia: Generally Local Anesthesia is given and sometimes general anesthesia

Factors that cause gynecomastia (Male Breast)

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Heavy intake of alcohol or Narcotic drugs;
  • Hormonal disproportion and body mass.
  • Unknown Factors.( As per a recent case study carried out in Hyderabad ,India by our team and examining 940 cases of the age group 24-32 in a period of two months we found that in 32% of the people the reason is unknown..)

The results are achieved after 3/6 Months depending upon the severity of the cause and one year as maturation of the scar. However, you can see more than 75% of the concluding form of the course of action already from the subsequent month of the surgery.

Before the surgery:-

  • We recommend you to stop smoking for 3 weeks before the surgery in order to reduce the infection charges.
  • Alcohol intake needs to be avoided before a week
  • Having a healthy and planned diet is recommended by the surgeon personally.


After Surgery:

  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun.
  • The dressing would be removed within 7 days
  • You can get back to your daily activities within 2 days
  • Avoid extreme work outs during the first 30 days.
  • Please do keep the wounds dry for better healing.


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Common FAQ

1-Which technique is apt for gynecomastia?

Vaser liposuction is the most advanced for the treatment for liposuction.

2-Will the gland be removed by the liposuction ?

Lipo would help in emulsifying the fat but the gland has to be manually removed by the surgeon by making a small incision around the nipple region.

3-Will the scar around the nipple area will be visible ?

The scar would diminish within a span of 45-60 days depending from individual to individual.

4- Is this surgery safe?

The safety standards for the procedure are maintained to the core standards at Akruti and we ensure that you get back to your regular work schedule .

Asymmetrical gynecomastia ,Pseudogynecomastia,Puffy Nipples,Gynecomastia in Adolescents and gynecomastia in body builders are commonly performed at Akruti.


Advantages of undergoing male breast reduction surgery:-

  1. Flat Chest
  2. Improved Confidence
  3. Better Chest contours
  4. No more embarrassment of having breasts

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