Cricketers Hair Transplantation

Cricketers Hair Transplantation
0 September 25, 2015

The 10 Cricketers: Chronicles of Hair Transplantation

Cricketers with bald spots and receding hairlines are not uncommon, and there are many veteran and contemporary players suffering with this issue. But some players have decided to fight back and regrow the lost hair, and 10 of them have managed to get the most successful hair transplants ever.

1.Virender Sehwag

The dashing stunts with bat have earned him the title, “Nawab of Najafgarh”, but his bald crown was an insult to that. So, he got a hair transplant, which was sensational in many ways. He looked more youthful with the regrown hair, since his bald scalp was lending him an aged look before the surgery. Also, he revealed about his hair transplant publicly, which had encouraged many people to opt for the FUE technique, after watching the success of his surgery. This incident also put an end to the trend of visiting Dubai for the hair transplant anymore, and people are now enjoying exceptional results in the expert clinics in India.

Sehwag 1

2. Sourav Ganguly

The Prince of Kolkata was feared with hair loss, putting his reputation of “Prince Charming” at stake. He rushed for a hair transplant, and gained crown full of hair, proving that, he is the Prince Charming forever. A much needed respite for his lady fans indeed.

sourav ganguly

3. Gautam Gambhir

The stylish left handed opener had faced with worst hair loss issues, which made him admit openly in an interview in 2009 that, “Cricket is giving me everything, but taking back all my hair”. Well, that was a long time ago, and now he is with dense hair, which is the result of an exceptional hair transplant treatment he got.



 4.Ravi Shastri

This retired cricketer and commentator was looking too old for his age, barely some years back. Now he is back with a much younger avatar, courtesy: the hair transplant.

Ravi Shastri

 5.Amit Mishra

This leg spinner was almost completely bald, before he resorted to FUE hair transplant, in 2010 and 2014. The results are incredible, making the spinner play the entire IPL 2015 season without a cap, which was a rare sight earlier.  


 6.Shane Warne

The famous Australian leg spinner have suffered with severe hair loss issues, and he was open about that all the time. But, he was so nice to reveal the hair graft surgery he got, which was excellent and restored lustrous hair on Warne’s scalp. The incredible job had prompted many people around the world to opt for hair transplant, and it had also earned Liz Hurley for Mr. Warne, his ex-lover.

Shane Warne

 7.Ricky Ponting

The Punter was quick with both the bat and hair loss, making him crown less, err, the bald king of the batting era. But he was even quick in finding the salvation, in the form of hair transplant, to restore his crown. Look at his scalp full of hair in the 2007 ICC awards, and you will know about the super hair transplantation he had received.


 8.Jacques Kallis

Jacques Kallis, the South African all-rounder, got strand by strand hair transplant surgery, which had changed his looks completely. He looks a lot younger now, and his girlfriend, Shamone Jardim is all happy to see her partner in this handsome look.


 9.Doug Bollinger

This sensational Aussie bowler was completely bald, and looked like an aged person. But, how the non-surgical skin graft had transformed his visual appeal, is really a surprise for many cricket fans. Now, this guy surely has some killer looks.


 10. Rana Naved-ul-Hasan

Touted as the “death bowler”, Rana Naved got all the bowling instincts which prove this title, but his completely bald head was never a match to his image. Finally, he had set that right, by getting an amazing hair transplant. Now, he always appears with different hair styles, leaving no hints or traces of baldness.


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