Belly Piercing

0 January 27, 2015

Navel Piercing Akruti Institute will be now offering belly button piercing procedure from April 19th 2014 .To book an appointment with one of our cosmetic surgeon please use the appointment form. Belly Button Piercing is also called as Umbilical Dip Piercing/Navel Piercing. Estimated perfect Healing time: 6-7 Months Post the procedure swelling and bruising is observed near the piercing area. You are advised to take proper care of your navel .Do not wear tight clothes and do not apply any moisturizer over the navel at-least for 1 month. Usage of a proper anti-bacterial soap is recommended. Natural healing is recommended during the first 2 months post the procedure.  In a period of time a new skin would form with proper thickness. (3-4 months)

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