Breast Implants

Breast Implants
0 July 30, 2015

Breast Implants HyderabadThe below table gives information about types of breast implants available at Akruti Institute of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Saline Breast ImplantsSilicone breast implantsGummy bear breast implantsRound breast implants
These implants are loaded with sterile waterThe implants are loaded with silicone gel.The implants that maintain their rigid form are known gummy bear implantsThe implants give breasts a bigger projection and are generally opted for 500 cc volume.
Silicone breast implants are filled with silicone gel and provides a uniform contour, firmness and feel.The gel gives the implant a more natural breast tissue texture than silicone implants and is one of the most preferred implants in India and aboard.The evenness of the silicone gel is thicker than normal silicone gel implants and are more concrete than normal silicone implants.The implants have silicone loaded in them and are generally round in shape and tend to remain at one place unlike gummy bear implants.
US FDA ApprovedUS FDA ApprovedUS FDA Approved for AllerganUS FDA Approved for Natrelle™ Inspira™
Small Incision RequiredSmall Incision RequiredBigger Incision RequiredNormal Incision
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