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    ‘Beauty is self-confidence applied directly on the face’ is a famous saying. It relates to the other saying that ‘face is the index of mind’; here we understand that beauty & self-confidence are inter-related with the face. But then, wrinkles on the face spoil one’s self-confidence and beauty too.
    Botox or ‘Anti-wrinkles Surgery’ is one of the special cosmetic procedures that help to repair the wrinkles on the face and get the beauty as young you are. Surgeons at Akruti hospital do flawless Botox Surgery in Hyderabad. Click Here to know more about Botox or Anti-Wrinkles Surgery Procedure.

    Any healthy individual can undergo Botox – Anti-Wrinkle Injection Procedure. To very particular, we don’t treat individuals below 20 years, pregnant women, those who breastfeeding, and those who suffer from auto-immune diseases. You must inform your Surgeon if you take any blood-thinning medications during the consultation time itself.
    Even though, if it is a non-surgical method, during the procedure local anesthesia or a general anesthetic will be given for patients’ comfort.

    BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin – Type A) is a purified Neurotoxin Complex Protein. The procedure ‘Botox Surgery’ or ‘Anti-Wrinkles Surgery’ is an intradermal procedure by injecting the above-mentioned protein stored at 8 degrees Celsius.

    The procedure involves injecting around the eyes and forehead & also done to reduce the lines around the nose, and mouth. On the other hand, this procedure helps to smooth the chin area, relaxing the jawlines & neckbands that add attractiveness to the brow. The procedure takes a minimum of 120 minutes which may vary depending upon the number of areas targeted to inject.

    Botox Surgery Cost in Hyderabad:

    Botox Surgery is an affordable cosmetic procedure. We assure you that Akruti uses the highest quality brands of wrinkle injection for the procedure and the cost at Akruti Hospital comes around INR 00,000/- approximately. However depending upon the number of areas (forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet) you want to inject, the cost may vary.

    Botox Surgeon in Hyderabad:

    The Chief Surgeon will examine your skin type, your age, and the severity of the wrinkles. Your surgeon will enquire whether you have undergone any anti-wrinkle treatment previously in the initial consultation before the procedure.

    Akruti’s Botox Surgeon in Hyderabad with more than decades of year experience gives you a desired-result that you indeed expect through this procedure.


    It is a Day Care procedure, wherein once you come out of anesthesia you can go home. However, there are certain restrictions for you. Don’t get tensed, your Surgeon will give you complete post-op care.


    You require a minimum of 7 and maximum10 days after the procedure. The effect will long-last which depends upon the volume of injections you are given. Once after the procedure, when you feel stable you should start doing facial exercises such as raising your eyebrows, frowning, and squinting. Don’t lie down horizontally for about 5 hours. Avoid doing other body exercises for at least 2 days and you must not undergo any other facial treatments. Keep in mind that you must not rub or massage the injected areas.
    Once after you recover completely, you can see your face with soften expression lines and restore facial balance with no lines & wrinkles.
    Akruti’s ‘Botox Surgery in Hyderabad’ with the best Botox Surgeon in Hyderabad who has years of experience gets you the best desired results.


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