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9 benefits of Gynecomastia surgery

9 benefits of Gynecomastia surgery
0 May 6, 2021

Have you ever heard of men having gynic issues? No, we are not talking about the third gendered people but straight men. Nipples are common parts both males and females have but with varying volumes. When men have puffy or fatty nipple areas, it is called Gynecomastia. When male hormones lose balance in men it results in a condition called Gynecomastia. It manifests in the form of breast growth in men, popularly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’.

Though it is caused by physiological conditions, it is not a medical condition per se. A man with large breasts is a common sight and most men live with it unless they face social stigma or loss of confidence because of this condition. They are either blissfully unaware about the hidden burden of embarrassment one has to face in the body-shaming obsessed society or about the treatments available for it. Akruti Clinic is a well-equipped hospital that is known for the best Gynecomastia surgery centre in Hyderabad.

Now that it is clear that few treatments exist for this condition, you should also know why undergoing Gynecomastia treatment is important. Young boys and men often find it awkward to change clothes in the locker room or go shirtless when swimming or relaxing on the beach. Sure, at the end of the day it is all about your body and your perception that matters.

Here are nine reasons why it doesn’t:

1. Enhances Confidence and Self-Esteem:-

There are so many stigmas attached to a disproportionate body figure not just for women but also for men. The first impression of one’s appearance carries a lot of weightage on how much the other person is going to take you seriously. A man with a big tummy is lazy, a man with a receding hairline is stressed out, a man with boobs is feminine and incapable of doing heavy physical work, etc. The very thought of what the opposite person is thinking about you damages the already shaky confidence one has because of various other reasons. This results in a condition where you are anxious all the time worrying if you would be able to make a good first impression. And this isn’t quite a pleasant situation to live with, all through your life. It slowly eats into your mental health making you more depressed day after day.

2. It Offers a More Masculine Figure:-

Ask any woman what kind of men she likes to date. We would expect the reply, ‘Tall, dark and handsome. It was the description of a perfect guy, a few generations ago. But now, for the social media savvy generation, the description of a perfect body is a bit elaborate. Toned and sculpted chest, large traps, bulky rhomboids, long lats, larger anterior delts, and a torso that tapers down the hips. To achieve this near-perfect sculpted shape men often take gym membership to work out their way into women’s hearts. However, men with large boobs should understand that they cannot find a solution with gymming if their condition is because of swelling of the glandular tissue of the breast and not because of an increase in the fat deposit. The only solution for breasts because of glandular swelling is Gynecomastia.

3. It Makes It Easier to Maintain a Healthy Weight:-

Though gynecomastia is not related to obesity, men with this condition often find weight management difficult. Excessive adipose and glandular tissue make physical activity uncomfortable and painful. Most of the exercises involve jumping, running, or removing shirts for activities like swimming. Physical exercises like these often result in either physical pain because of tissue bouncing or embarrassment in public space when body-hugging costumes only accentuate the area instead of hiding it and sports bras for men have not yet gained much popularity. Therefore the exercise routine goes for a toss resulting in weight gain.

4. It Can Alleviate Back Pain:-

Gynecomastia is not just about having a large breast but also about some physiological conditions that we dread to have. The heavy upper body always puts the burden on the spinal cord and hence men with this condition suffer from back pain. A heavy bosom not adequately supported with back muscles can make the upper spine rounded and permanently disfigured. This condition may extend to the buttocks and lower back if the chest is too heavy for the back to support. Some slouch a lot to hide their abnormality which projects them as underconfident people. Once they go through gynecomastia surgery, they can regain their posture and ooze confidence in their demeanor.

5. It Frees Your Mind:-

As human beings, we all seek others’ attention and validation. However, certain conditions draw unnecessary attention towards them and push us into self-doubt. Men with large breasts most of the time are under impression that everyone around is looking at their chest. They do not feel confident around women fearing if they would observe their large breasts and do not consider them a mating prospect. Their fears may not be true but they carry such negative thoughts all the time.

Gynecomastia surgery is the one-shot solution for such men to come out of a depressive state of mind. They would no more have to think twice before removing their shirts, no more self-image issues, and hesitation in asking girls out.

6. Relief from Chafing, Skin Irritation, and Rashes:-

Tight clothing is not a choice for men with gynecomastia not only because they not only make prominent, the shape of the chest but also because it results in skin irritation, and chafing. Men too are fashion conscious and would like to try every kind of clothing. Why should some extra amount of fat located on their body prevent them from their fashion adventures? Not a fair deal for not so fairer sex.

7. Emotional burden among adolescents:-

Gynecomastia affects men in every age group. Some baby boys are born with the condition while for others it develops overtime during their growth period. It is in the adolescent stage that boys bear the brunt of this condition the most. Adolescence is the time when boys and girls grow conscious of their sexuality and are in great need of validation of their appearance. They ride on a high-intensity emotional roller coaster during this period. They are bullied and name-called by their friends and made to feel inferior about their appearance. Therefore, early intervention and treatment for Gynecomastia can help these teenagers wade through the negative physical and emotional consequences.

8. The Procedure Is Quick:-

Plastic surgeries take time. That is a false assumption people hold because prima facie the process looks complex. With advancing technologies, cosmetic surgeons can complete difficult to complex surgeries within hours. Usually, the Gynecomastia procedure takes around 90 to 120 minutes and the patient is treated like an out-patient. Local anesthesia is administered around the chest area to alleviate pain and discomfort during the procedure. An incision is made around the nipple to remove the glandular tissue from the breast. Liposuction may also be performed if any excessive fat accumulation is found and the openings are closed using sutures.

9. You’ll Enjoy Long-Lasting Results:-

Gynecomastia is one such cosmetic surgery that is performed in a short period that gives long-term results. This is because it involves the removal of the nerve that is responsible for this defect. The fat cells cannot grow back unless your genetics decide otherwise. Once the correct diagnosis is done, as to what has triggered the condition, and the right treatment is given, there is the least probability of glandular tissue development. However, to ensure a lasting outcome one has to inculcate some good lifestyle habits. They are, maintaining a healthy weight with proper diet and regular exercise, abstaining from drinking, smoking, and avoid taking drugs and steroids.

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