After Nose Surgery

After Nose Surgery
0 January 27, 2015

Rhinoplasty Recovery :-

For the first seven days after your nose job at the cosmetic clinic you are required to sleep with your heads and shoulder in an elevated position.

Your head needs to be in 30-40 degree angle with some soft pillows while you keep the head elevated you can make sure to reduce the swelling to a greater extent and also ensuring a greater recovery time.

The bruising which is seen under the eyes will disappear within a time span of 10-14 days but if you are smoker than the bruising can be seen at least for a month so you are actually advised to quit smoking before you plan for a nose job.

Once the bandage is removed make sure that you take care of your nose extremely well and not to injure it in any case..

The splint is recommended to be there at least for two weeks and plan for a week’s holiday before you go ahead for the nose surgery.

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