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Lean and nicely contoured body looks very pleasing and impresses the onlookers very much. If you are aspiring for such a body, then look no further than liposuction. It is the most effective technique for getting the neat body shape without any fuss.
Liposuction does the trick by sucking out the fat cells from your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, back, arms, face and neck. The extra and sagged skin on these parts is trimmed to lend a neat look. After the surgery, you are due with a nice surprise for sure.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure which helps in removing the excess stubborn fat cells present in the human body with the help of a cannula and  a dedicated vacuum equipment. Thighs, Abdomen, Butt, Back, Neck and Chest are some of the most commonly preferred areas for liposuction. 

Types of liposuction techniques followed at Akruti :-

  • Tumescent Technique( Traditional Liposuction)
  • Vaser Technique ( Advanced Ultrasound Liposuction )
  • Mega Liposuction


Surgery Time:2-6 hrs 

Recovery:2 days to one week

Cost: Rs 50,000- Rs 2 Lakhs

Hospital Stay: 1 Day

Usage of Compression garment : 45 days to 60 days

Benefits of Liposuction

You can enjoy numerous benefits of liposuction. This cosmetic surgery can have a great impact on your beauty, health and psychological aspects.


  • Your body looks beautiful after the surgery. It does not have any unpleasant fat bulges and skin sags. In fact, this is the beauty secret of many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and many more.
  • Psychologically, you feel more confident after the surgery. Your body looks attractive and you will receive lots of compliments from the onlookers. This appreciation is enough to boost your confidence through the roof.
  • Your health can improve due to the extra care taken regarding the diet. To maintain the positive results of the surgery, you have to take a good diet and this can improve the general health as well.


Liposuction Cost

The cost not only depends on the surgery, but it is also based on other factors like pre-operative scans, compression garments, anesthetic fee and medical facilities. You can contact our hospital for the exact rates. Also, our suggestion for you is to give priority to quality than the cost. A new surgeon charging a low fee is not useful anyways. Our certified plastic surgeons can provide you with world class treatment for affordable rates.


General Faq:-

Who should undergo Liposuction?

People disappointed with the emergence of fat at the hips, outer thighs, abdomen, arms, chin and thighs consider undergoing liposuction. The minimum age to undergo the abdomen or thigh liposuction is 18 years.

How many Liters of fat can be removed in a Single Session ?

8-10% of Body weight is the amount of fat that is removed from in a single session.
Are the scars seen post surgery?

The scars are generally minute to the size of 3 mm and diminish within a short span of time.
Who are the liposuction surgeons who perform the procedure at Akruti?
At Akruti procedure would be carried out by well renowned liposuction surgeons in India. Under the guidance of Dr.Ram Bhupal rao (certified member of ISAPS  -chief cosmetic surgeon), Dr.Parvati Ramani ( who has more than 35 years of experience in cosmetic and plastic surgery) and the medical team Dr.Suresh and Dr. Srinath thereby ensuring best results post surgery.



What are the factors for a successful liposuction surgery?

  • A successful surgery depends on
  1. The surgeon’s Experience.
  2. Success rate of the surgeon (Board Certified surgeons are recommended )
  3. The person undergoing the surgery should be healthy.
  4. The amount of fat that is removed should not exceed more than 8-15% of body weight.
  5. Good Medical Infrastructure at the surgeon’s clinic/Hospital is highly recommended.

We recommend you to stop smoking and drinking a week before the surgery for optimum results.


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What do you mean by Mega Liposuction and is it carried in Hyderabad?

Mega liposuction is carried out for obese people. Fat elimination up to 10-15 liters’ can be involved during a mega session but it is equally important that you ensure you have at-least 8-10 days of leave from your regular work schedule if you’re planning for a mega session at abdomen or thighs.


Are the results of liposuction Permanent?

Healthy diet intake and regular exercise ensure permanent results of liposuction.

For before and after pictures please consult our surgeon as we respect the confidentiality of the candidates who undergo the procedure.

Liposuction is one of most preferred aesthetic procedure in the world. Dr.Giorgio Fischer from Italy bought out the idea. The perfect developments had come up in the year 1978 under the guidance of French physicians Fournier and Illouz.

 Dr.Jefferey A Klien the renowned California doctor had invented the technique called tumescent. Now we see the Vaser lipo advancing the things now to a greater part.

How to check your body fat levels?

“Check your current Body Fat Levels”


Note: Full Body Liposuction is not advisable if your BMI is more than 24.

Before you go ahead it is equally important to check if you have any blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, thyroid problems, hyper tension and any blood clotting problems.



Good Results:

I was here to to undergo a liposuction for my abdomen and my instructor yasmin karachiwala recommended this place after a 2 months of heavy work out and the results are wonderful. I could see a drastic change in my current waist line a 4 inch drop. Thanks Dr.Ram

Mrs.Leela Shankar

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